Rent Geared to Income (RGI) is a subsidy available for people who need help paying rent and it is based on their total gross monthly household income (before taxes and deductions). Typically, the rent of a RGI unit is calculated at 30% of a household’s total gross monthly income. Some RGI units are owned and operated by the County of Oxford and some RGI units are owned and operated by a non-profit housing provider. The County administers the waiting list for all RGI units. As of January 1, 2021, a household will be removed from all housing waitlists if they refuse an offer for a unit where the number of bedrooms meets the County’s occupancy standards, and/or the unit location was selected by the household on their application. Interested applicants should search through the listings below, and use the contact listed to apply.

For more information about rent-geared-to-income and how to apply, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing units are units which have rent set at or below the average market rent in Oxford County, as provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. To qualify, generally, households shall have a moderate income, between $62,800 and $75,100 per year. If you are interested in applying for an affordable housing unit, you must apply to the housing provider, not Oxford County Human Services. Contact information for the housing provider can be found by searching through the affordable housing listings below.

Market Rent

Market rent can be described as the amount of rent charged by the private sector or the non-profit sector. The amount of rent charged is typical of the area and similar sized units.

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