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Housing and Shelter

Shelter is a basic need that is part of the foundation of quality of life.

Human Services offers a number of programs for those who need help finding suitable housing. These programs include:

housing stock

To find out what housing options may be available for you,visit the Human Services Resource Room for more information

Tenant Services

The County of Oxford owns and operates several Rent-Geared-To-Income (RGI) units in Oxford County.

If you are a tenant in a County-owned unit, visit the tenant services page to send an online maintenance request or tenant complaint.

Tenant Handbook

A booklet that provides helpful information for those residing in Oxford County Housing, see the Tenant Handbook here.

Help with Rent and Utilities

Human Services periodically receives grants to help people who are:

  • having difficulty paying rent
  • at risk of having their utilities disconnected
  • at risk of becoming homeless

Programs to help people with rent and utilities include:


Short term accommodation for those who are homeless or experiencing a crisis. Offers basic necessities: a place to sleep, shower, do laundry, get clothing, and eat or get money for food.

Emergency shelters in Oxford County include:

Transitional Housing

Supportive, temporary accommodation to bridge the gap from homelessness to permanent housing. It offers structure, supervision, support (e.g., for addictions and mental health), life skills, and education and training).

Transitional Housing units include:

  • Ingamo Homes: Ingamo Homes is a transitional program with housing that supports women and their children.

Supportive Housing

Permanent, affordable housing that provides support services to help people live more stable lives. Often for those confronted with  homelessness, substance abuse issues, mental health, disabilities (e.g., intellectual, mobility or sensory) or other serious challenges that
prohibit stable housing.

Individuals or households who need a home that is modified to make it accessible, or support services so they can live independently in the community, can apply for Modified and Supportive Housing units. 

Modified and supportive housing units include:

  • Cheshire Homes: For adults with significant physical disabilities and frail seniors.
  • Indwell Care: A Christian charity that creates affordable housing communities for people seeking health, wellness and belonging.
  • Canadian Mental Health Association: CMHA-Oxford offers long and short-term housing options, including housing for people dealing with mental illness, homelessness or addictions

Market Rental

Housing primarily offered by the private sector with rents that are typical of the area for a similarly sized unit. In 2018, the Average Market Rent for a one bedroom apartment in Oxford was $908, although many landlords are charging $1,200 or more.

Affordable Home Ownership

When monthly housing expenses-- including mortgage principle, interest and property tax, but excluding insurance or utilities expense-- do not exceed 30% of gross monthly household income, and the purchase price is at least 10% below the average purchase price of a resale home in the area.

Learn More about Affordable Home Ownership