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Human Services
Phone: 519-539-9800

OCAB Extension Email Position
Bartlett Lynda 3335 Manager
Bida Christine 3316 Caseworker
Bidwell Kelly 3342 Caseworker
Black Kelly 3301 Director
Brown Courtney 3327 Caseworker
Cogger Erin 3307 Caseworker
Connoy Hilary 3331 Caseworker
Daley Kieran 3329 Affordable Housing Supervisor
de Graaf Jackie 3304 Caseworker
Duffy-Megyesi Tracie 3305 Support Clerk
Findlay Ann-Marie 3308 Caseworker
Fissel Sara 3336 Support Clerk
Lanthier Lisa 3324 Manager
Loucks Pam 3311 Support Clerk
Lyons Danika 3322 Community Planning Analyst
MacDonald Tammy 3332 Affordable Housing Supervisor
Makris Katie 3323 Coordinator of Children's Services Recruitment & Promotion
McClelland Stacey 3349 Caseworker
McDonald Drew 3333 Program Integrity Worker
Neff Brenda 3325 Support Clerk
Oliveira Dava 3345 Caseworker
Paterson Maggie 3310 Support Clerk
Rumble Mara 3315 Administrative Assistant
Schell Belinda 3338 Affordable Housing Supervisor
Smith Rebecca 3302 Manager of Housing Development
Whittman Shanda 3303 Affordable Housing Supervisor
Wightman Sandra 3344 Housing Supervisor
Human Services           3390
Housing Maintenance 3337
Woodstock - CES Location 519-539-9800
Billard Rod 3341 Caseworker
Kilgour Angie 3330 Family Suppor Worker
McArthur Wendy 3363 Caseworker
Tillsonburg Location 519-539-9800 
Vuylsteke Kim 3352 Caseworker
Vanlandschoot Chris 3351 Caseworker
Fox Kristine 3353 Caseworker
Ingersoll Location 519-539-9800 
Flynn Jenn 3350 Caseworker
Ring Sandra 3347 Caseworker
Searle Valeria 3348 Caseworker
EarlyON 519-539-9800
VanKlaveren Cara 3317 Supervisor of Family & Children's Services
Bulthuis Michelle 3365 EarlyON Facilitator
Dale Leanne 3334 EarlyON Facilitator
Fortune Monica 3326 EarlyON Facilitator
Kennaway Angela 3321 EarlyON Facilitator
Read Jennifer 3328 EarlyON Facilitator
Southby Rachel 3320 Engagement & Innovation Coordinator

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