Woodingford Lodge is where our residents live with dignity, security, safety, and comfort.

Our residents have their physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural needs met in the place they call home.


Join Residents Council

Residents Council is a forum for communication between residents and Woodingford Lodge administration. Council brings forward innovative ideas and suggestions and is integral to making changes aimed at improving their home.


Know your rights

Residents bill of rights is available for your review to fully understand your rights.


 Living Here

All the rooms at Woodingford Lodge comply with safety standards while remaining comfortable.

All rooms have direct access to a nurses' station through a "Nurse Call" system.

Residents are welcome to bring their own personal belongings or furnishings, as long as they are in accordance with room space and facility guidelines. Please refer to the list of items you can bring, below.

Cable television and telephone services are optional and are available at a competitive rate.

What you can bring

We have to keep our residents and our staff safe, so each resident may bring limited personal furnishings.


What you can bring:

  • 1 recliner or chair 
  • 1 small table
  • pictures are allowed but must be mounted on wall by maintenance staff.  
  • television. (TV cabinets are provided for you, but you must bring your own TV. Your TV cannot be mounted on the wall or on top of the cabinet, therefore it must fit the 28'W x 22'D x 28'H dimensions).
  • floor lamp (If you have a floor lamp it requires proper electrical certification).

You cannot bring: 

  • rugs
  • refrigerators
  • extension cords
  • personal heaters
  • humidifiers
  • cooking appliances
  • electric heating pads or blankets
  • halogen lights
  • candles
  • powder

You may be asked to remove specific items if a resident's condition changes or staff raise concerns about their ability to provide appropriate personal care in a safe work environment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (519) 421-5556.

 Nursing and personal care

Dedicated and knowledgeable, our nursing and personal care staff are an integral part of the care team at Woodingford Lodge.

Nursing and personal care is provided on a 24 hour basis by a staff of:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Practical Nurses
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Nurse Practitioner

The nurse practitioner works closely with our medical directors and other attending physicians to met the diverse needs of our residents.


Don't be surprised when we ask...

We’re here to help you make important decisions about your health care. It is important you know how to make health care decisions. You have the right to choose, so learn how to ensure your wishes are followed.

How can I prepare and make informed choices?

  • Learn more
  • Make your wishes known
  • Develop a plan of treatment
 Services offered

There are many services here for you.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Social Work
  • Restorative Care
  • Pet Therapy
  • Speech Language
  • Foot Care 
  • Occupational Therapy ($)          
  • Dentistry Clinic ($)
  • Massage Therapy ($)

The Dietary Department at Woodingford Lodge provides a variety of meals and snacks to accommodate residents different nutritional needs. With qualified food service supervisors and dietitians on staff meals at Woodingford Lodge have never tasted better.

The Dietitian is responsible for assessing, monitoring and evaluating the dietetic needs of each resident in order to promote optimal nutrition and hydration. The Resident Food Committee provides a forum for Residents to offer feedback and suggestions with the goal of improving menu selection and overall satisfaction.

 Recreational Programs

There is always something happening at Woodingford. 

Check out the Woodingford activity calendars below and get involved. Fun activities are planned for our residents. From getting your nails done to shopping excursions, there is something for everyone. 

Family members are encouraged to stay informed of the planned activities- they make an excellent opportunity to do something fun with your loved one. 

Click on the location below to see the activity calendar for each month

Recreation Calendars: