Oxford County currently provides water services for 21 communities with approximately 31,500 customers and wastewater services for 11 communities with approximately 29,000 customers. The County does not directly bill residents, but instead uses a third-party billing provider to charge and collect water and wastewater fees. 

A new bill for Woodstock residents 

ERTH Solutions took over the billing for water and wastewater services in Woodstock on behalf of Oxford County on February 1, 2016. As a result, Woodstock residents who were previously billed for water and wastewater on their Woodstock Hydro bill now receive a separate bill for these services from ERTH Solutions.

How to pay your new bill

ERTH Solutions offers several convenient ways to pay your water/wastewater bill. Remember, if you pay your bill electronically - either through online banking or a pre-authorized payment (PAP) plan - you will need to set up for these options with ERTH Solutions to make sure there is no interruption to your bill payments. For privacy purposes, banking information could not be transferred to ERTH Solutions. To continue paying the electricity bill portion of your bill to Woodstock Hydro, do not make any changes to your account information for Woodstock Hydro. 

To make a payment, visit  www.erthsolutions.com

Additional information

Call: 1-877-485-6050
Visit: www.erthsolutions.com
Email: customerservice@erthsolutions.com

 Who is ERTH Solutions?

ERTH has been serving Oxford County as its billing agent for Ingersoll and surrounding communities through its local utility, Erie Thames Powerlines, since 2000.

ERTH currently provides billing services to more than 120,000 customers in 17 communities. It has been providing utility and municipal solutions for many years throughout Ontario and will be using the ERTH Solutions brand to service the customers of Woodstock.

For more information about ERTH, visit www.erthcorp.com.

 Will my due date change?

For the month of February, customers will receive an extended time period to pay with a common due date of February 29. Thereafter, billing and due dates will depend on your geographic area.

 Will my unpaid bill owing to Woodstock Hydro be transferred?

No. Water bills previously issued by Woodstock Hydro should be paid directly to Woodstock Hydro. Woodstock Hydro cannot accept bill payments after April 30, 2016. 

 Will I need to re-enroll in e-billing?

Yes. Even if you are already signed up for e-billing with Woodstock Hydro, you will still need to re-enroll with ERTH Solutions to ensure that you receive your bill each month. To sign up, visit https://www.erthpower.com/your-home/sign-into-your-account/ and follow the link to sign up for a new account.

 I currently pay via telephone/online banking. How will this impact me?

You will have to add ERTH Solutions as a payee on your online/telephone banking and add your new water account number.

 I use pre-authorized payments for my bill. Will my information be automatically transferred to the new system?

No, you will need to fill out a new pre-authorized payment form and return it to ERTH Solutions. The form is available at myaccount.oxford.erthsolutions.com. It can be submitted to ERTH Solutions by:

 Why can’t my information be transferred automatically?
 We are required to follow legislation that protects people from unsolicited email requests or having their personal information shared with a third party (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Municipal Information and Freedom Privacy Act). 

We understand this causes some inconvenience, but we are required to follow consumer protection and privacy legislation.