In extremely cold temperatures, it is possible for poorly insulated or shallow water services to freeze. Customers would notice this through a drop in water pressure or there may be no water at all. It is also possible for the water meter itself to freeze, which can damage the meter.

If a frozen water service is suspected, call the County and a licensed water operator can help determine if and where the water service is frozen. If it is found to be on municipal property, we will proceed to thaw the service. If it is found to be frozen on private property, homeowners will have to contact a plumber to have the service thawed.

If the water meter has been frozen and is damaged a new water meter will need to be purchased from the County and installed by a licensed plumber.

Preventing Frozen Water Service

  • insulate pipes most susceptible to freezing that are near outside walls, in crawl spaces or attics
  • seal any leaks that allow cold air inside, especially in areas that are near pipes, use caulk or insulation to keep the cold out and the heat in
  • apply low-wattage pipe wrap heating or space heating
  • leave a cold water tap running slowly at a level just above a drip, this will increase your water consumption but may reduce your costs for repairing frozen pipes and meters
  • if you’re away, have someone check the house daily to ensure the heat is on and that no problem occurs 
  • if you’re shutting off the main water valve coming into the house, ensure that the water is drained by opening the lowest tap