The goal of the Oxford Children’s Services Network is to support children and families by identifying and meeting their quality of life needs within Oxford County. The network is led by Oxford County Human Services in collaboration with:

  • Children’s service providers in Oxford
  • Oxford CMSM (Consolidated Municipal Service Manager)
  • Federal and provincial ministries
  • Local school boards

The Oxford Children’s Services Network works to ensure quality services are planned and available for children and families.

If you have questions about this network, please contact Oxford County Human Services at 519-539-9800.

 Special Needs Resourcing Advisory Committee

This committee works to build awareness of the roles and responsibilities of Oxford County Special Needs Resourcing Services to provide a clear understanding for families and professionals, to help ensure that Oxford County’s children and family’s needs are being met in a creative and solutions-focused manner.

If you have questions about this committee, please contact oxford County Human Services at 519-539-9800.