UPDATE (April 12, 2024): Oxford County is working to update its development charge background study to prepare to pass a development charge by-law. The 2024 Development Charges Background Study is now available for review and comment at www.speakup.oxfordcounty.ca/2024-dc-background-study

A growing municipality requires investment in growth related infrastructure to service new development. Development charges are fees that are paid by new development to fund the capital cost of services constructed throughout the county. Development charges play an important part in how growth related infrastructure is financed. Each new or expanded residential and non-residential development requires increased municipal infrastructure and services in order to function efficiently and effectively.

At least every five years, the County and its area municipalities conduct development charges background studies to forecast future residential and non-residential growth to determine infrastructure needs and costs. This information is used to calculate the amount of money that new development needs to pay in order to cover the cost of new infrastructure and services.

The County has a County-wide development charge that applies to the following County services:

  • Growth-Related Studies
  • Land Ambulance
  • Roads
  • Waste Diversion
  • Library – not applicable in the City of Woodstock

Water and wastewater development charges are area specific with a unique charge for each of the nine serviced areas.

Development charges for area municipal services can be found on their respective municipal websites, depending in which area municipality that the development occurs.

There are currently no education related development charges in Oxford County.

Links to additional information:

County By-law/ Amendment

Notice of By-law amendment

Municipal Development Charges By-laws

In addition to the County Development Charges, most area municipalities in Oxford County also have Development Charges by-laws. Select a municipality below to see their by-laws.