Archives History and Memory book cover, includes black and white photograph

The book will be distributed to Woodingford Lodge residents and available for sale at the Archives


The Oxford County Archives is spreading awareness about the importance of recording your family history with a new book to help genealogists get started at home.

The Family History and Memory Book is a fun and meaningful way anyone can record their personal or family history. The book contains typical genealogical and autobiographical questions about birth, education, marriage, occupations, death and residence locations. It also includes more personal questions like, “What is your favourite childhood memory?”, “Share some stories about your pets.”, “Which cultural traditions does your family observe?”, “What do you remember about your first vehicle?” and more, with over 40 questions total. The interactive book includes a family tree diagram, a recipe section, and blank pages for scrapbooking mementos.

In collaboration with staff at the Woodingford Lodge sites in Ingersoll, Tillsonburg and Woodstock, copies of the Family History and Memory Book are being donated by the Oxford County Archives and distributed to interested residents at the long-term care homes.

Copies of the new book are also available to the general public for $15, with an option to have the completed book scanned and preserved as a digital record

For more information or to purchase a copy of the Family History and Memory Book, contact the Oxford County Archives at or by telephone at 519-539-9800, ext. 3070.




Liz Dommasch, County Archivist, Oxford County

“When we think about our family history, we often get caught up in learning about the distant past and forget to capture what’s happening now. Yet everyone has a fascinating story to share. By recording and preserving your personal narrative, those stories and memories can live on with future generations and provide a glimpse into your personality and interests through your own voice.

Not only does the Archives’ new publication provide an opportunity for people to record their memories in a personal format, but it can provide an opportunity for family members to work together to learn and capture important memories in a meaningful way.”


Jenn Kairies, Supervisor of Resident Programs & Staff Education, Woodingford Lodge

“On behalf of the residents at Woodingford Lodge, I would like to thank the Oxford County Archives for this fantastic initiative and the gracious donation to our homes. Passing down family heirlooms is an age-old tradition. A project such as the Family History and Memory Book will provide generations to come with a glimpse into their past and a way to keep treasured family memories alive. This project will allow residents and their families to look back and relive precious memories again and again while providing physical closeness as memories are shared. 

Not only will this opportunity benefit our residents and families, but our staff members as well, as it will be a great way to get to know residents, facilitate communication, and engage in a meaningful visit. We are looking forward to seeing some finished projects!”