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The Town of Ingersoll and Oxford County “growing stronger together” through new engineering construction agreement


Ingersoll, ON December 14, 2023 – The Town of Ingersoll and Oxford County have formalized a new partnership agreement for engineering services that will ensure coordinated, cost-effective and reliable construction projects in Ingersoll.

Effective January 1, 2024, the new Engineering and Construction Agreement between the Town and the County focuses on progressive management of construction-related costs across the two municipal tiers, recognized that there is “one taxpayer” that ultimately bears the operation costs of both.

Drawing on the strengths of the two Engineering Departments, the agreement aims to standardize and modernize engineering design practices to meet evolving industry expectations. This includes combining efforts on major infrastructure projects, making the best use of expertise and available funds, and ensuring all projects follow provincial laws and standards in addition to the best management guidelines set by the Town of Ingersoll and Oxford County.

The service agreement outlines the engineering and financial arrangements between the Town and County that ensure fairness and the Town’s ability to meet provincial requirements for the design and construction of their local roads and storm sewer systems, while integrating and harmonizing such capital works with County watermain and sewer replacements that are required within the same roadway. This will maximize cost effectiveness and infrastructure capital delivery coordination, while minimizing community disruption during construction.

The agreement also supports the 10-Year Asset Management Plan, which guides investment and stewardship of municipal assets for the long-term.  Under the plan, capital project priorities are undertaken by the highest order driving factor (for example, watermain breaks, sewer blockages, road conditions).

The agreement is an example of Oxford County “growing stronger together” through cooperation and collaboration among Oxford’s municipalities, and furthers the Town of Ingersoll’s Strategic Pillar to enhance Collaborative Partnerships and Infrastructure based on meaningful cooperation with others through collaborative partnerships at the local, regional, provincial, and national level.



“In the spirit of collaboration and excellence, Town Engineering is honoured to fortify our continued partnership with Oxford County Public Works. Through successful and respectful contract negotiations, we are committed to seamlessly blending coordinated asset management planning with our in-house Engineering design and Contract Administration expertise. This combined effort guarantees a steadfast and cost-effective delivery of road, water, and wastewater infrastructure renewal for Ingersoll residents.”

Matt Sweetland, P.Eng., Director, Infrastructure and Development, Town of Ingersoll


“As our communities grow and the demands on municipal infrastructure increase, new approaches are a way to ensure we can continue to meet the servicing challenges of the future while delivering value and results for the community today. The strong partnership that already exists between the Town and the County made this agreement a compelling next step towards ensuring the excellence and long-term sustainability of public works services to residents.”

David Simpson, P.Eng. PMP, Director, Public Works, Oxford County


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