Statement from Marcus Ryan, Warden, Oxford County


Warden Marcus Ryan

Oxford County welcomes the Government of Ontario’s announcement that it will remove the 8% provincial portion from the HST on the construction of new rental apartment buildings. Combined with the removal of the federal portion announced in September, this effectively removes HST on this type of construction in Ontario and is a major incentive to supplying more homes. Ontario’s tax exemption for the HST also extends more broadly to student housing and seniors' residences.

Oxford County’s new Strategic Plan commits to being “100% Housed” as a community. What does this look like? It means we enact policies that support diverse housing types; we leverage funding from other levels of government and our partners to advance housing projects; we understand and meet the needs of our vulnerable and unhoused populations; and we continue to advocate for more long-term care in Oxford.

The residents of Oxford County have told us housing is a key priority: we know where we need to be, we’re developing the roadmap to get there, and we will continue to update you to let you know how we’re progressing.

Warden Marcus Ryan 
Oxford County