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Warden Marcus Ryan and Water Foreman Josh O'Leary showcased two new Ford F-150 Lightning trucks this week, the first of seven new battery electric vehicles being added to Oxford County’s green fleet.

The seven trucks replace existing fossil fuel vehicles that are scheduled for regular replacement in 2023 and 2024, a transition that will save an estimated 24,500 litres of gasoline each year for the first seven trucks.

Oxford County’s Strategic Plan commits to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Through the Green Fleet Plan, the County is transitioning to lower carbon alternative fuels and energy sources that help reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Read the Green Fleet Plan online at www.oxfordcounty.ca/publications.



  • Oxford County carried out a full lifecycle cost comparison against internal combustion (gas-powered) engines that looked at “buy/run/sell”: the capital costs to buy the battery electric vehicle; the cost of operating it over the lifecycle of the vehicle; and then resale value at the end. Taking into account all expenses, the battery electric trucks shown here have an annual lifecycle cost of about $1,000 less per year than the equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle.
  • When it comes greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the move to battery electric vehicles will reduce the County’s GHGs by up to 97% based on fuel consumption and offer an up to 65% reduction over total lifecycle emissions, including battery production. You can find more general information about how electric vehicles compare to gas-powered engines here: https://cleanenergycanada.org/media-brief-countering-common-myths-about-electric-vehicles/
  • Battery electric vehicles are well suited to the way the County uses its service vehicles and to the kilometre range required for the work Public Works staff performs on a daily basis. Trucks are charged overnight when electricity demand is at its lowest.
  • The electric vehicle charging stations are owned by the County for dedicated use to its expanding municipal green fleet.


Warden and staff

Under hood of Battery Electric Vehicle