Assessment growth report, Punkeydoodles Corners, road safety reviews and more

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Assessment growth and impact on municipal taxes

Oxford County is presenting an estimated increase for the County portion of 2024 property taxes next Council meeting. Based on the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) report on assessment growth from 2023, County taxes on an average single-family detached residential property with an assessed value of $275,022 (the 2016 assessment value used by MPAC) will increase by approximately $141 next year. The Council report notes that the total assessment value of properties in Oxford County grew by an estimated $389.2 million in 2023.

CS 2023-43: 2024 Preliminary Assessment and Tax Analysis


Punkeydoodles Corners intersection improvements

Oxford County Council will review recommended changes to the Punkeydoodles Corners intersection on November 22. Based on a joint study by Oxford County, Perth County, Wilmot Township and Region of Waterloo, major proposed changes for 2024 include:

  • closing the intersections at Oxford Road 24 (Perth Oxford Road) and Perth Road 101, and Huron Road and Perth Road 101;
  • realigning the intersection at Perth Road 101 and Perth Road 101A, along with new turning lanes and upgraded illumination in this area; and,
  • changing the Punkeydoodles Avenue and Oxford Road 5 intersection to a three-way (tee) intersection, which includes a stop control on Punkeydoodles Avenue.

The estimated $1 million in costs are planned to be equally funded among the municipalities. Some intersection improvements have already taken place over the fall, including removing trees to improve sightlines, installing electronic speed feedback signs, and installing additional reflectors along the east side of the curve. More information and a map showing proposed changes is online at

PW 2023-44: Punkeydoodles Corners – Intersection Improvements


Road safety reviews in Woodstock, Tillsonburg and Ingersoll

A number of speed management, traffic calming and road safety measures on County roads are before Council next week. Among these are:

  • reduced speed limits on Oxford Road 15 (Parkinson Road) and Oxford Road 17 in Woodstock, with an electronic speed feedback sign near the Oxford Road 4 intersection;
  • a Community Safety Zone designation in Woodstock on Devonshire Avenue (from Vansittart Avenue to Huron Street);
  • electronic speed feedback signs on Oxford Road 20 (North Street East) in Tillsonburg, along with a Community Safety Zone designation (Broadway to Tillson Avenue); and,
  • an all-way stop at the intersection of Oxford Road 7 (Thames Street North) and North Town Line in Ingersoll.

Oxford County has been undertaking road safety investigations over the past four years to further improve safety on County roads. For more information, visit

PW 2023-45: Speed Management and Road Safety Reviews – Woodstock, Tillsonburg and Ingersoll


CMHC funding for social housing improvements

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is offering funding which could amount to $3.22 million for maintenance and upgrades to Oxford County’s social housing. Over the next three years, the County is planning to undertake approximately $11 million in various facility upgrades across 12 County owned housing sites, along with accessibility improvements and energy efficiency enhancements geared to reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. With Council approval, the CMHC funding can then be used to offset approximately one-third of the County costs associated with this work.

PW 2023-46: CMHC Funding for County Social Housing Improvements




Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting and Report CP 2023-334: Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 22-15-7 – Town of Tillsonburg
  • Public meeting and Report CP 2023-369: Application for Official Plan Amendment and Plan of Subdivision OP 21-17-8 and SB 21-12-8 - Tamjidi
  • CP 2023-371: Report Regarding Potential Increases to County of Oxford Development Application Fees
  • CP 2023-381: Report Regarding Conservation Authority Service Agreements (Upper Thames River CA and Grand River CA)
  • HS 2023-20: Bill 134, Affordable Homes and Good Jobs Act, 2023
  • CS 2023-44: 2024 Water and Wastewater Rates
  • CS 2023-45: Concession St W Services Extension Project – Internal Long-term Debt Issue
  • CS 2023-46: Internal Long-term Debt Issue – Renewable Energy Project
  • CS 2023-47: OILC Debenture Issues - Woodstock, Tillsonburg, County


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