Public Works annual reports, child care and early years plan, and more

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Public Works annual reports for wastewater, waste management, drinking water quality, and energy management

Public Works brings forward four more program annual reports next council meeting.

  • 2023 Annual Waste Management Reports. Oxford County’s waste management programs and facilities continue to operate in compliance with regulatory requirements. The County achieved an overall landfill waste diversion rate for residential and ICI (Industrial, Commercial and Institutional) waste of approximately 45% in 2023. The County’s municipal landfill has an estimated remaining service life of approximately 27 to 32 years.
  • 2023 Annual Wastewater System Performance Reports and 2023 Annual Biosolids Summary Report. The County’s nine wastewater treatment plants demonstrated continued exceptional performance in 2023. Based on approximately 4,829 effluent samples collected and analyzed in 2023, three of the County’s nine municipal wastewater treatment plants achieved 100% compliance ratings, with the remaining six receiving the following: Thamesford 99%, Tillsonburg 98%, Woodstock 98%, Norwich 96%, Plattsville 96% and Drumbo 93%.
  • 2023 Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) Update. Oxford County’s DWQMS demonstrates continued compliance with drinking water regulations and the County’s ongoing commitment to continual improvement in the provision of safe, reliable and sustainable supply of municipal drinking water for its residents and businesses. The recent transition of the quality management of the County’s 17 drinking water systems into one consolidated County-wide Operational Plan will ensure that the same approach for care and control is consistently applied across all systems from source to tap.
  • 2023 Annual Energy Report. A number of measures show the County’s progress in effectively managing energy costs while working towards its 100% renewable energy goal.  The County’s annual renewable energy generation has increased by approximately 125% since 2015 baseline levels. Approximately 33% of the County’s in-service fleet (56 out of 171 units) has now been converted to alternative fuels to reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the County’s facilities and fleet have reduced by 11.2% since 2015 (the County’s 100% RE Plan target is 11% by 2025), with the actual GHG intensity for facilities and fleet decreasing by about 25.9% and 19.5% respectively.

The Public Works annual reports can be found online at

PW 2014-14 – 2023 Drinking Water Quality Management System Update  
PW 2024-15 – 2023 Annual Waste Management Reports   
PW 2024-16 – 2023 Annual Wastewater System Performance   
PW 2024-17 – 2023 Annual Energy Report | Graphic


Child care and early years plan

Community consultation plans for Oxford County’s update of the Child Care and Early Years Plan are before County Council next week. The five-year plan, a requirement under the Child Care and Early Years Act, will bring forward goals and priorities focused on a wide range of areas, including:

  • improving educational outcomes for children and supporting the transition from child care and early years programs to school;
  • special needs and mental health resources;
  • promoting inclusivity and equity among families from diverse or marginalized backgrounds; and,
  • recruitment and retention of high-quality staff.

The updated Five-Year Child Care and Early Years Plan is expected before Council for review in late fall.

HS 2024-02 – Five Year Child Care and Early Years Plan


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