Transportation system update, development charges, water buy-back program, Archives update and more


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Transportation system update

Oxford County’s first annual transportation system performance report is before Council, highlighting performance of and improvements to the County’s roads network, traffic and road safety initiatives, active transportation infrastructure and more. During 2023:

  • 40 km of road reconstruction and two major bridge/culvert construction projects were carried out.
  • 14 traffic calming, speed management and road safety reviews were completed, resulting in the installation of 18 speed feedback signs, 20 community safety zones, one new school safety zone, and one controlled intersection pedestrian signal.
  • Dedicated cycling infrastructure was added to Oxford Road 59 (Wilson Street) in Woodstock.
  • Audible pedestrian signals and sidewalk accessibility enhancements (ramps, tactile plates) were installed at intersections in Tavistock and Norwich.

The annual update also includes an overview of capital investment in the transportation network, including $5 million in County-wide road resurfacing, $3.4 million in storm sewer replacement on rural roads, $2.4 million in improvements to Oxford Road 59 (Wilson Street) in Woodstock, and a $2 million investment in Oxford Road 29 in Blandford-Blenheim.

PW 2024-10: 2023 Annual Transportation System Performance


Development charges review and update

County Council will hear next steps, including public consultation plans, for the 2024 Development Charges Background Study next week. The report notes that a draft version of the Background Study will be posted for public review and comment by April 12, with a hybrid (in-person and online) public meeting to follow on May 8. County Council will review an updated Background Study at a future meeting based on feedback received throughout the review process.

Development charges are the fees paid by land developers to help finance the municipal infrastructure and services that are needed to support new growth in residential, commercial and industrial areas. Through development charges, municipalities are able to provide reliable and financially sustainable roads, water, wastewater, fire and ambulance, parks and more. For updates on the Background Study process, visit

CS 2024-09 – Development Charges Study and Update - 2024 | Presentation


Updates to water buy-back program

County Council will be asked to approve an update to Oxford County’s existing Water Capacity Buy-Back Program next council meeting. The program, which provides cost-sharing for water efficiency projects such as retrofits and upgrades, has been available to the local ICI sector (industrial, commercial and institutional) for a decade. Through the report, the County is seeking to increase the maximum funding allowable per application from $50,000 to $100,000, aligning it more closely to other municipal programs and incentivizing more ICI customers to take active participation in the program. Through a robust water buy-back program, the County would be able to regain back levels of its municipal water system capacity, which can be reallocated to help service community growth.

PW 2024-13: Water Capacity Buy-Back Program Update


Archives annual update

Council receives an update on activities by the Oxford County Archives next week, outlining its community impact through projects, community outreach, partnerships and services that help preserve and celebrate Oxford’s past. Highlights from 2023 include launch of the new “Archived Oxford” photo database; participation in Tillsonburg’s first Black History Month Celebration; and 35 outreach activities, public programs and events.

CS 2024-08: Oxford County Archives 2023 Community Impact Report


Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation: Prowind Inc. re: Vision for a wind farm in Oxford County - Helmut Schneider, Vice President
  • Public meeting and CP 2024-76: Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 22-21-4 – 2141632 Ontario Inc. (The Oxford Hills)
  • CAO 2024-04: Tourism Oxford’s Tourism Growth Program (TGP) Application
  • PW 2024-11: Contract Award – Tandem Snow Plow Trucks
  • PW 2024-12: Contract Award – Oxford Road 16 Reconstruction (Phase 2), Township of Zorra
  • CS 2024-10: 2024 Tax Policy


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