Legacy oil and gas wells, Future Oxford and more


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Legacy oil and gas wells

County Council will consider next council meeting an opportunity to receive funding from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for emergency management activities relating to legacy oil and gas wells in Oxford County. The Ministry is supporting public education and action on inactive oil and gas wells on private lands that could create risks to public safety or the environment.

Oxford County’s application for $105,000 would fully fund the development and distribution of public education materials on legacy oil and gas wells; emergency response supports, such as road closure trailers and resources for emergency reception centres; and additional staff hours to develop hazard-specific plans with area municipalities around legacy oil and gas wells.

PS 2024-01: Legacy Oil and Gas Wells and Subsurface Migration Hazard Risk Mitigation Funding


Future Oxford

The future of Future Oxford, the community sustainability plan and the committee enacted by Oxford County in 2015, is before Council on January 24. Through the broad pillars of Community, Economy and Environment, each supported by a number of sub-committees, Future Oxford’s goal has been to work with community volunteers to advance 70 distinct actions that will achieve a sustainable future.

In consideration of the recently legislated Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, and County Council’s new Strategic Plan commitments to enhance environmental sustainability—further supported by a new, dedicated community environmental sustainability position-- the report recommends a transition of the Future Oxford model to one in which environmental sustainability is integrated with achieving the goals and initiatives within the current Strategic Plan. The new model would continue to draw on the active sub-committees, Zero Waste Oxford and Smart Energy Oxford, as advisory and engagement groups.

CAO 2024-01: The Future of Future Oxford and the Community Sustainability Plan


Other reports and presentations

  • CP 2024-31: Updates to Phase 1 Comprehensive Review Study
  • CS 2023-02: 2024 Asset Retirement Obligations Policy


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