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June 18, 2021
Council this Week: Highlights from the June 23 County Council agenda

Strategic Plan update, community safety zones and more

DownloadAgenda for June 23, 2021 
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Strategic Plan update

County Council receives the first of a regularly scheduled series of Strategic Plan updates next Council meeting. Introduced in December 2020, the semiannual updates show to which strategic directions staff reports most often align, and are meant to help ensure the County is focusing on the full range of Council’s goals under the Strategic Plan.

Over the past six months, staff reports have most often referenced “Thinks Ahead and Wisely Shapes the Future” (long-term strategic planning) followed by “Works Together” (partnering and collaborating for economic prosperity and community wellbeing) and “Performs and Delivers” (delivering exceptional services).

CAO 2021-02: Strategic Directions Update – June 2021 | Read the update

Community safety zones and automated speed enforcement

County Council will consider technical criteria to identify community safety zones across the County’s road network at the June 23 council meeting. Community safety zones are proposed as a traffic-calming measure on County roads and allow municipalities to issue increased fines within these areas to deter speeding. Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, municipalities have the authority to designate parts of a roadway as a community safety zonewhere public safety is of special concern, such as nearschools, community and recreation centres, senior residences and high pedestrian traffic areas.

PW 2021-25: Community Safety Zone Criteria and Warrant Process

Other reports and presentations

  • PW 2021-24: Contract Award – Tillsonburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 1 Upgrades
  • CS 2021-24: Oxford County Dufferin Street Sanitary Sewer Extension Project
  • CS 2021-25: Oxford County McKeand Street Sanitary Sewer Extension Project
  • CS 2021-26: Oxford County North Street East Services Extension Project

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