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February 03, 2021
Community update: Road safety review in Beachville

Speeding and aggressive driving are serious concerns in any community. Oxford County is committed to keeping our roads safe for motorists, pedestrians and residents alike. As such, we’re continuing to review road safety and speed management in communities across the County road network, including most recently in Beachville.

We understand that speeding is a concern in the community. We have recommended several incremental speed management and traffic-calming measures to address this concern. Recently, County Council directed Public Works staff to install dynamic speed feedback signs to communicate vehicle speed and send a message to drivers who exceed the limit.

Over the next six months, Oxford County will work with the Township of South-West Oxford to further study traffic speeds along Beachville Road. At a minimum, Public Works will conduct three 7-day trials in each direction at different locations throughout the village. This study will help determine the effectiveness of the current speed transitions (80 km/hr to 50 km/hr) and speed feedback signs in their respective locations. The findings will be shared and reviewed with the OPP, Oxford County, the Township of South-West Oxford and residents by July 2021.

In addition, Oxford County Public Works will consider further traffic-calming measures in the area, including additional built features to notify drivers of a change in the driving environment while entering/leaving Beachville. Other future options may include pedestrian studies to determine the potential need for controlled road crossings and opportunities for Automatic Speed
Enforcement (photo-radar) in Community Safety Zones and School Zones where applicable throughout the County (implementation subject to County Council approval).

Once effective speed reduction measures are in place, Oxford County Council may consider increasing the posted speed limit to align better with the driving environment in Beachville. This measure could reduce the non-uniform traffic flow that promotes tailgating, impatient drivers, increased passing behaviour and increased vehicle collision risk.

David Simpson, P.Eng., PMP
Director of Public Works
Phone: (519) 539-9800, ext. 3100
Toll-free: 1-800-755-0394, ext. 3100

Map of Beachville highlighting new speed zone changes

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