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April 09, 2021
Council this Week - Highlights from the April 14 County Council agenda

Long-term renewable energy projects, producer responsibility for hazardous waste and more

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Long-term renewable energy projects

Oxford County is developing a Long Term Renewable Energy Plan that, along with the Energy Management Plan and Green Fleet Plans, will further advance the path towards the County’s 100% Renewable Energy target. County Council receives next meeting the proposed criteria framework for how the County will evaluate and identify future renewable energy technologies and projects that best advance the County’s goal of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2050. Potential projects include rooftop and ground-mount solar panels, solar thermal energy for hot water and air ventilation, biogas, waste heat recovery and more. 

PW 2021-11 – Facilities Long Term Renewable Energy Plan - Evaluation Criteria and Weighting System

Producer responsibility for hazardous waste

Staff comments on Ontario’s proposed producer responsibility regulations for hazardous waste and special products (HSP) are before Council on April 14. The new legislation is targeted to transfer municipal programs to full producer responsibility by July 2021 and allows an 18-month transition period where producers can establish collection sites for consumers to return their HSP at end of life, free of charge.Producers will also be responsible for managing and promoting recycling/collection events for various HSP materials such as paint, solvents, pesticides, products containing mercury, anti-freeze, oil containers, etc.

Staff are generally supportive of the proposed regulation but note a number of concerns in their comments to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, such as the timeline to address and resolve concerns of municipalities, failure to include some products that municipalities currently handle, and a lack of collection targets for producers.

PW 2021-12 – Proposed Producer Responsibility Regulation for Hazardous and Special Products, Environmental Registry of Ontario Posting No. 019-2836

Other reports and presentations

  • Presentation: Tourism Oxford – Meredith Maywood
  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2021-116 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-20-8 – Davinder Grewal, Harvarinder Sidhu & Kuldeep Singh
  • HS 2021-07 – Affordable Housing Project at 738 Parkinson Road, Woodstock
  • CS 2021-16 – 2021 Tax Policy By-law
  • CS 2021-17 – OILC Debenture Issues – County
  • CS 2021-18 – Court Security and Prisoner Transportation (CSPT) Program Agreement
  • PW 2021-13 – Contract Award – Oxford Road 54 (Huron Street) Reconstruction – Phase 1, City of Woodstock
  • PW 2021-14 – Contract Award – Oxford Road 15 (Parkinson Road) Bridge Rehabilitation, Left Turn Lane & Pedestrian Crossing
  • PW 2021-15 – Contract Award – Oxford Road 59 (Norwich Avenue) and Juliana Drive Intersection Improvements, City of Woodstock
  • PW 2021-16 – Contract Award – 2021 Road Resurfacing Improvements and Culvert Replacements
  • PW 2021-17 – Contract Award – 2021 Joint Surface Treatment
  • PW 2021-18 – Contract Award – Oxford Road 4, Oxford Road 17 & Lansdowne Avenue Watermain Extension and Sanitary Forcemain: Phase 1 and Phase 2, City of Woodstock
  • PW 2021-19 – Emergency Repairs – Sanitary Sewer Stoney Creek Erosion Protection, Tillsonburg

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