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Parents-to-be can now take a prenatal course that fits their schedule from the comfort of their home. Click for info and registration.
Prevent mosquitoes with the 4 Ds
Oxford County Public Health encourages following the 4 Ds to prevent mosquito bites.
10 tips to avoid ticks
Oxford County Public Health offers 10 tips for avoiding tick bites this summer.
Children See. Children Learn.
Parenting can be stressful. Find ways to help you handle every day challenges with your young child.
1 Million kilometre Challenge
Ride your bike, log your kms!
That's where we can help.
We can provide answers about your new baby in the comfort of your home. Call us today.
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Public Health & Emergency Services


If something touches on the health and safety of the people who live here, there’s a good chance it touches on our programming. Through our programs in prevention, protection and emergency response, we work to keep the people in Oxford’s communities healthy and safe. 

Oxford County Public Health is your local public health unit, offering programs that promote healthy lifestyles and that aim to prevent illness and disease in our community.

Oxford County Paramedic Services is your local paramedic services (ambulance), providing 24-hour emergency and non-emergency pre-hospital care.

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New online pre-natal education course
Oxford County Public Health launches a new online pre-natal education course for parents and parents-to-be. Full details are available in our news release.


Neilson Chocolate Milk Recall
Neilson brand Partly Skimmed Chocolate Milk has been recalled due to concerns of Listeria contamination. Product details are available on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.


Prevent mosquitoes by following the "Four Ds"
Oxford County Public Health encourages following the "Four Ds" to prevent mosquito bites this summer to help Oxford County remain West Nile Virus free this year. Full details are available in our news release.


Beach water quality testing underway
Oxford County Public Health conducts water quality testing at public beaches from June through Labour Day. Visit our beach water quality page for the latest results.



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