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Claim and Incident Reporting

Making a claim: Personal injury and property damage

Oxford County follows the highest standards for health and safety across all of its sites. If you believe you have reason to file a claim against the County, please ensure you review all of the information below to understand what is required—and by when—in order to submit a claim for consideration.

If you have questions, please direct them to or call 519-539-9800 | toll-free 1-800-755-0394.
Download: Oxford County insurance claim form

Personal injury claims

The Municipal Act, 2001 S.O. 2001, Section 44, 10 requires that if you have sustained a bodily injury from an incident involving a roadway or sidewalk, for which you believe the County may be responsible, the County Clerk must receive notification within 10 days if the incident may result in an injury claim.

To ensure that your claim meets the notice requirements, please forward your claim form via registered mail to the following address within the 10-day period:

Oxford County
Attention: Clerk’s Office
21 Reeve Street, PO Box 1614
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 7Y3

Property damage claims

If you have sustained property damage, contact your own insurance company as soon as possible as your insurance policy may provide coverage for your damages.This is the quickest way to have repairs made and recover costs incurred. If your insurer believes that the County is responsible for the damage, it will seek compensation on your behalf as stipulated in your insurance policy.

To make a claim for property damage, submit the claim form by mail or e-mail to:

Oxford County
Attention: Clerk’s Office
21 Reeve Street, PO Box 1614
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 7Y3

A two-year limitation period to submit a claim for property damage will apply as per Section 4 of the Limitations Act, 2002 S.O. 2002, Chapter 24, Schedule B.

Information required

Please include as much information as possible to assist the County in the process of investigating your claim. Ensure your claim form and any applicable attachments are included within the time frames described above.

  • Name, address and telephone number of the person making the claim
  • Date, approximate time and exact location of the incident
  • Brief description of the incident which occurred
  • Injury that was sustained
  • Description of any medical attention that has been sought
  • Name of any contractors who may have been involved
  • Any photographs which may assist in understanding what occurred

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Oxford County will not be held responsible for costs unless evidence is provided establishing that the County was negligent, which resulted in the injury or damage. The County will only compensate when it is legally liable for the damage or injury sustained.