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City of Woodstock Zoning By-law No. 8626-10

The City of Woodstock Zoning By-Law controls the use of land by dividing the municipality into different land use zones with detailed maps, specifying the uses permitted in each zone, specifying where buildings and other structures can be located, stating the types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used, as well as specifying lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from the street.

The contents of the Zoning By-Law reflect the latest consolidation of zoning by-law amendments. For up to date information on a specific property, please contact the area municipality.

 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize
Title, Application, Administration & EnforcementSection 16/29/201615.96 KB
DefinitionsSection 26/29/2016213.49 KB
Interpretation and SchedulesSection 36/29/201620.33 KB
ZonesSection 46/29/201611.79 KB
General ProvisionsSection 56/29/2016224.95 KB
Residential Type 1 (R1)Section 66/29/201655.35 KB
Residential Type 2 (R2)Section 76/29/2016144.63 KB
Residential Type 3 (R3)Section 8 6/29/201672.88 KB
Residential Type 4 (R4) Section 96/29/201625.35 KB
Historical District (HD)Section 10 6/29/201621.84 KB
Local Commercial (C1)Section 116/29/201671.01 KB
Shopping Centre Commercial (C2)Section 126/29/201631.60 KB
Entrepreneurial District (C3) Section 136/29/201627.40 KB
Highway Commercial (C4)Section 146/29/2016125.76 KB
Central Commercial (C5)Section 156/29/201653.93 KB
Regional Commercial (C6)Section 166/29/201651.77 KB
Prestige Industrial (M1)Section 17 6/29/201623.69 KB
Restricted Industrial (M2)Section 186/29/201628.58 KB
General Industrial (M3) Section 196/29/2016138.58 KB
Transitional Industrial (M4)Section 20 6/29/201654.85 KB
Neighbourhood Institutional (NI)Section 216/29/201625.02 KB
Community Facility (CF) Section 226/29/201641.35 KB
Passive Open Space (OS1) Section 236/29/201615.42 KB
Active Open Space (OS2)Section 246/29/201621.89 KB
Environmental Protection 1 (EP1)Section 256/29/201616.37 KB
Environmental Protection 2 (EP2)Section 266/29/201619.58 KB
Future Development (FD)Section 276/29/201629.34 KB
Planned Unit Development (PUD)Section 286/29/201628.03 KB
Agricultural (AG)Section 296/29/201622.43 KB
Approval Section 306/29/2016238.22 KB


Key MapsSchedule A695.54 KB
Arterial Road Designation PlanSchedule B343.22 KB
Parking Space and Parking Aisle Requirement PlanSchedule C-136.90 KB
Parking Space and Parking Aisle Requirement PlanSchedule C-229.94 KB
Parking & Loading Space Reductions and ExemptionsSchedule D299.36 KB
Reduction & Exemption Plan - Misc. ProvisionsSchedule E236.22 KB
Temporary Use By-LawsSchedule F78.56 KB
Minister's Zoning OrderSchedule G8.78 KB
Accessible Parking StandardsSchedule H45.57 KB

2016 Application Fees

Note: There has been an increase in the fees for 2016. Please check the current fee schedule prior to submission of your application.

Application Notices and Reports

OP 16-06-8; ZN 8-16-18 - Drewlo Holdings Inc.

Official Plan Amendment and Zone Change
Part Lot 2 & Lot 6, Plan 495
Municipal Address:  908 Dundas Street

ZN 8-15-13 - Dana & Jacqueline Millen & Yvonne Mortimer

Zone Change
Lots 2 & 3, Block C, Plan 52
Municipal address - 33/35 Broadway and 366 Simcoe Streets

ZN 8-15-12 - Panagiotis Econopoulos & Darla Sue Hearns

Zone change
Lots 8 & 9, Registered Plan 26
Municipal address - 361 & 367 Simcoe Street.

B14-48-8; ZN 8-14-14 - Thames Developments (VII) Inc.

Application for Consent and Zone Change

Part Lot 5, Conc. 14 (East Zorra)

Municipal Address:  745304 Oxford Road 17

OP12-05-8; ZN 8-12-10 - KCAP Woodstock Inc.

Official Plan Amendment and Zone Change
Lots 1 & 2, Plan 41M-82
Municipal Address:  431-455 Norwich Avenue

SB 10-08-8; ZN 8-10-17 - 1212949 Ontario Inc.

Subdivision and Zone Change
Part Lot 13, Concession 2 (Blandford).
Southwest corner of Oxford Road 4 and Township Road 3 (Lansdowne Ave.)

Development Charges

In addition to the County Development Charges, most area municipalities in Oxford County also have Development Charges by-laws.

The Development Charges Background Study provides the basis and background required to update the County's development charges to accurately reflect the future servicing needs of new development. The analysis assesses the development-related costs associated with the following County services:

  • General Government
  • Library Services
  • Land Ambulance
  • Administration Building
  • Roads and Related
  • Water
  • Wastewater

Development Charges Background Study