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No matter where you live in Oxford County, Wasteline tools help you keep track of your garbage, recycling, and large article collection schedules as well as upcoming special waste collection events in your area. Get the information you want when you want it by using the “When’s my pickup?” tool, signing up for automated reminders, or by using the Wasteline mobile app.

Search by address to confirm your next waste collection day and see what materials are being collected. Trouble getting your Wasteline calendar? Make sure you are entering your civic/site address—the location where your garbage is picked up—and not a mailing address, for instance, post office (PO) box.

You can also:

  • View, download and print your collection calendar
  • Sign up for weekly reminders (email, phone or Twitter)
  • Add a schedule to your personal calendar (iCal, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook)

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Use your Apple or Android device to view schedules, receive reminders, and get sorting tips for your garbage and recycling. BlackBerry users can take full advantage of our mobile-friendly website.

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To cancel notifications from Wasteline on mobile devices, reply “cancel” to the text message. To cancel telephone reminders, wait for prompt at the end of a notification phone call and follow instructions to cancel further notices. Email reminders contain an unsubscribe link in the footer of each message.

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View/Download your calendar

Get your Oxford County waste calendar here:

Download the electronic version of the 2019/2020 Oxford County Waste Management Calendar, complete with recycling tips, info on special collection events and more or use the “When’s my pick-up” tool to download your very own personalized collection calendar.

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Get your City of Woodstock calendar here:

Download the 2019/2020 City Services Calendar for detailed information on collection routes/days, special waste drop off, bulk item collection and more.

Woodstock waste calendar

Request a Calendar


Current set price for bag tags: $2.00. There is no tax or mark-up on bag tags, although some vendors may charge a minimum sale fee for debit or credit purchases. There is also no minimum requirement for purchase.

One bag tag is needed for each bag or rigid container. Check bag and container size limits.

Why does Oxford County use bag tags?
Bag tags encourage reducing, recycling and re-using. In a “user pay” system residents only pay for the waste they generate, rather than sharing or distributing the costs of curbside collection as part of the County’s tax levy.

Blue boxes are available for purchase in a number of sizes from:
Oxford County Administration Building
21 Reeve Street, Woodstock

Oxford County Waste Management Facility (landfill)
384060 Salford Road, Salford

Blue boxes (excluding the 95 gallon totes) are sold at all of the local municipal offices.

Available blue boxes for purchase

360 Litres (95 Gallon) Multi-Residential tote: $30 for multi-residential and $60 for commercial /tote

83 Litres (22 Gallon) Curbside blue box: $5.50/box

26 Litres (6 Gallon) Apartment size container: $3.50/container

Lids for 22 gallon containers : $1.50/lid

Composting is the process of breaking down organic material (yard and food waste) into a dark, nutrient-rich soil that can then be used to help your gardens and flower beds grow.

The County sells two types of composters which can be purchased from your local municipal office, including the Oxford County Administration Building, or at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility (landfill). Available options are an above ground composter with a 311 litre capacity for $10 or an underground composter called the Green Cone, able to digest up to 1 kg of food waste every 1-2 days, for $40. Accelerator powder can be purchased for $4/packet at the Oxford County Administration Building and Oxford County Waste Management Facility (landfill).

For more information on starting your outdoor compost, check out the Compost Council of Canada website.

Available composters for purchase


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