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September 28, 2016
Draft Zero Waste Plan

Oxford County takes a bold step towards becoming a leader in waste reduction

Draft Zero Waste Plan - September, 2016

The Draft Zero Waste Plan has been received by Oxford County Council, opening the strategy document for public review, while seeding $400,000 in funding to begin work on advancing the plan. 

The initial funding will allow research to begin with the ultimate goals of reducing the amount of waste being produced in, and exported out of, Oxford County. This includes maximizing recovery efforts from our waste stream and extending the lifespan of the Oxford County Waste Management site to 2100, from the current expected lifespan of 2043. The initial funding for the plan is being financed from the Landfill and Waste Diversion reserve fund.  

The first steps in developing the Zero Waste Plan will involve: 

  • A detailed audit of Oxford's current waste stream
    This includes understanding the composition of the waste currently landfilled Oxford’s Waste Management Site at Salford and the composition of the current waste stream being exported from Oxford County for disposal outside of our borders.
  • An assessment of Resource Recovery Technologies

    Waste reduction is a key component of the Zero Waste Plan; however, beyond reduction, extending Oxford’s landfill site lifespan to 2100 will require a dramatic reduction in the volume of material landfilled within the next five years. 

    A thorough assessment of the various resource recovery technologies available internationally is vital to reducing Oxford’s current dependence on waste disposal through landfill.
  • Submit your feedback nowPublic consultation
    The Zero Waste Plan will be unique to Oxford, and will be looking for community-made solutions. Members of the public are encouraged to read the draft plan (below) and submit ideas, questions and comments through Speak Up, Oxford!

Developing a Zero Waste strategy is a key environmental goal in the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan and also aligns with provincial strategies like the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan, the Waste Free Ontario Act, 2016 and the Waste Free Ontario Strategy.


      Sept. 28 report to Oxford County Council -Read Council Report CAO 2016-14


Draft Zero Waste Plan 


1. Implementation Status and Outcomes

2. Zero Waste Targets

3. Planning and Orientation

4. Zero Waste Institutionalization

5. Local Stakeholder Engagement

6. Technologies and Activities

7. Buildings

8. Mobility and Transportation of Waste

9. Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery

10. Knowledge Generation

11. Public Engagement

12. Participation in Networks


Other Resources

      Strategy for a Waste Free Ontario: Building a Circular Economy

      Waste Free Ontario Act 2016

      Waste Diversion Transition Act, 2016

      Ontario's Climate Change Strategy

      Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

      Oxford County Waste Management Strategy 2014

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