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November 19, 2013
Oxford County Shelter Plan
Oxford County's 10-Year Shelter Plan sets out a vision for affordable, suitable and stable housing and good quality of life for all


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Community feedback for the Oxford County Shelter Plan

Fall 2013

Send a comment nowOxford County’s Human Services are services that revolve around you: financial assistance, child care, and shelter (housing). Right now, Human Services is in the final stages of its 10-Year Shelter Plan, a requirement by the provincial government. Read the Draft Oxford County Shelter Plan

Is stable housing a problem in Oxford County? What options are there for people who need help? What’s our future outlook? The Shelter Plan lays out the County's vision for vibrant communities where residents have access to affordable, suitable and stable housing and good quality of life.


Oxford County housing facts

  • Need in Oxford County. 1 in 14 households in Oxford County do not meet Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) standards for adequacy, affordability and/or suitability.
  • Cost of living increases. In Oxford County, cost of living has increased over the past five year with increases in rent (7%), hydro (27%), food (9%) and transportation (13%).
  • Rent costs. An average single full-time worker earning minimum wage, renting a one-bedroom apartment, would have to spend 36% of his or her income on rent.
  • Shelter allowances. 68% of Oxford County residents receiving Ontario Works were spending more on shelter than what was covered on their shelter allowance. A single recipient of ODSP receives $479/month for shelter, while the average market rent for one-bedroom apartment is $645.
  • Average rents in Woodstock. The average rent in Woodstock is $881, the third-highest in western Ontario. This spring, Woodstock had a critically low vacancy rate of 1.8%; a balanced acceptable rate for a community is 3%.
  • Homelessness. An estimated 101 Oxford County recipients were homeless at one point in 2012 in Oxford County. A larger group was at risk of homelessness, needing assistance with rent or utilities.
  • Social housing in Oxford. There are 1,429 social housing units in Oxford County. More than 1,200 households are on the waiting list for rent geared-to-income units.
  • Funding. Housing is funded by the federal government ($1 million), provincial government ($850,00) and the County of Oxford ($4.48 million)

About Human Services

Human Services helps Oxford County residents with their quality of life, focusing on the areas of education and training, employment, shelter, income, health, safety, and transportation. Human Services offers an integrated approach to service: this means there is one file and one client service worker for each client.

Visit Human Services on the Oxford County website

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