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Faster, friendlier online report format shares County’s recent accomplishments and future direction
May 22, 2013
Faster, friendlier online report format shares County’s recent accomplishments and future direction
2012 Annual Report and Strategic Plan presented as part of a series of corporate reports to the public

The County of Oxford released its 2012 Annual Report at County Council this evening, sharing the County’s achievements, activities and the full set of consolidated financial statements for the 2012 operating year.


The 2012 Annual Report is an entirely online publication designed for a fast, friendly viewing experience. In customizing the report to the way more people are choosing to receive information, this year’s annual report also includes two online infographics that showcase services and share financial information in a succinct and visually compelling way.


The annual report was presented to County Council along with a new online version of the Strategic Plan approved earlier by Council on March 27. The Plan sets out the County’s vision, mission, values, and six strategic objectives that will shape the focus of County activities in the coming years:

  1. A County that Works Together to strengthen the economic base and enhance the quality of life for all. 

  2. A County that is Well Connected, improving travel options; working to strengthen transportation links; and strengthening community access and internet connectivity. 

  3. A County that Thinks Ahead and Wisely Shapes the Future through political advocacy,  development and community planning practices, and sustainability in its decision-making. 

  4. A County that Informs and Engages the community through conversation and dialogue. 

  5. A County that Performs and Delivers Results by enhancing customer service and responsiveness.  

  6. A County that is an Employer of Choice, attracting, retaining and developing the highest quality staff.

An online version and a full print version of the Strategic Plan is available at


The Annual Report and Strategic Plan are part of a series of publications that will work together to better inform residents about County activities. The County also releases a business plan and budget highlights document in the fall and, with the launch of the Strategic Plan, will begin issuing a regular progress report on how it is meeting its strategic goals.


To view the Annual Report highlights video or to access the electronic version of the annual report, visit





“The County’s annual report is an important means of reporting back on our progress and use of financial resources. In seeking to better inform residents about our activities, we hope to more actively engage them in decisions about programs and services, something that is a key objective identified by County Council in the new Strategic Plan.”

   - Don McKay, Warden, County of Oxford


“Our goal for the annual report is to get it into as many hands—or fingertips—as possible, and an online publication provides a cost-effective and engaging means of achieving this. Through this report and our other touch points with the public, we’ll be making a conscious effort to communicate with people in a way that is meaningful, helpful and impactful.”

   - Peter Crockett, Chief Administrative Officer, County of Oxford


View the highlights video for the 2012 Annual Report

Print version of full news relelase

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