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Drinking water and your health
January 25, 2013
Drinking water and your health

New health information advisories reaffirm safety of municipal drinking water systems, raise awareness of special health considerations

Oxford County Public Health & Emergency Services issued the first of a new series of health information advisories today to reaffirm the safety of municipal drinking water systems while raising awareness of health considerations for some residents.

Under Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act, Public Health already notifies health professionals and the community whenever water testing results require public education. In deciding to re-issue these advisories on an annual basis, even for tests that are carried out once every five years, Public Health is responding to feedback that Oxford County residents want to receive important information about their drinking water more often.  

Public Health’s first health information advisory released today on fluoride reminds the public that testing has shown municipal drinking water in Brownsville, Ingersoll, Lakeside and Springford has fluoride levels above the province’s Maximum Acceptable Concentration of 1.5 mg/L. Fluoride in Oxford County drinking water is naturally present and is not added to the municipal water system.


Residents in these communities should know that fluoride levels above the Maximum Acceptable Concentration may cause staining or pitting in the teeth of children less than six years of age. The health information advisory on fluoride offers suggestions for reducing other exposure to fluoride in children in these areas and advises parents to use sterilized bottled water to mix baby formula. For more information visit


Public Health’s information advisory on sodium alerts people on sodium-restricted diets that drinking up to two litres of water per day at the levels found in some parts of Oxford County could contribute 47.2-175.6 milligrams of sodium to a person’s diet. Anyone with kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure or liver disease who needs to restrict their salt intake because of these illnesses should ask their physician or health care professional how sodium in the water may affect their health.


Communities with municipal drinking water that has tested above the recommended sodium range of 20 mg/L include Bright, Brownsville, Ingersoll, Mount Elgin, Otterville-Springford, Thamesford, and some parts of Tillsonburg and Woodstock.


For more information or to view the fluoride and sodium health information advisories visit Annual water reports for the County’s 19 water systems with full testing results can be found in the Public Works section of the website at

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