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Check out a variety of research and archival resources below including a searchable County Council database containing Councillors from 1850 to 2022. Use the search function to find Councillors by name, year, township, municipality, or Council position. If you require assistance using the County Council database or accessing any of the resources on this page contact us at archives@oxfordcounty.ca or 519-539-9800 x 3918.

The resources provided on this page related to the Indigenous peoples of Ontario and Canada, Truth & Reconciliation, and Residential Schools are not all representative of Oxford County's history and are not the intellectual property of the Oxford County Archives. We have compiled this list of resources for those looking to learn more about these important topics and for anyone wishing to access the services these organizations and institutions provide.

Visit our Educational Programming page to view, download and print our school resources. A searchable Oxford County Gaol (jail) prisoners database (1869-1925) is also available on our Oxford County Gaol exhibit online.

The Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario have made many of their community history scrapbooks and Tweedsmuirs available to view online. The Oxford County Archives has many original copies of Tweedsmuirs from local women's institutes in our collection. Contact us for more information.

County Council Database

Archival Resources

County WardensA list of Wardens of the District of Brock and Oxford County from 1842 to 2022.
District of Brock - Members of Council and District OfficialsList of Members of Council and District Officials for the District of Brock from 1842 to 1849.
Inspectors of Auctioneers' and Pedler's Licenses A list of Inspectors of Auctioneers' and Pedlers' Licenses in Oxford County from 1864 to 1964.
Mayors of IngersollA complete list of the Mayors of Ingersoll from 1852 to 2022.
Mayors of TillsonburgA complete list of the Mayors of Tillsonburg from 1872 to 2022.
Municipal Clerks: 1840-1974A list of Municipal Clerks in Oxford County from 1840 to 1974.
Municipal Treasurers: 1850-1974A list of Municipal Treasurers in Oxford County from 1850 to 1974.