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September 09, 2015
Housing First
New County Policy to help meet affordable housing needs

Oxford County has a new Housing First Policy that supports affordable housing development in the County. The Policy outlines how the County will redevelop or reinvest proceeds from sales of surplus County-owned real property to meet the growing demand for housing.

While recognizing the need to ensure that affordable housing is distributed throughout Oxford County, the Housing First Policy provides the framework to coordinate the efforts and expertise of Public Works, Human Services, Planning and Finance to determine if County-owned properties are, or are not, suitable for residential development.

The Housing First Policy outlines how County departments will assess the suitability of surplus County-owned property for residential development and then determine what action to take in regard to the disposal of the property. 

The Policy states that in the event a surplus property is not suitable for residential development, the sale proceeds will be considered for contribution to the housing reserve for future affordable housing needs. Alternatively, if the property is deemed to be suitable for residential development, it will be offered for sale through a competitive proposal call to non-profit and private sector developers for the development of affordable housing.  

Quick facts from the Oxford County 10-Year Shelter Plan

  • It is forecasted that Oxford County will have 49,800 households in 2031, an increase of 412 houses per year. Oxford has enough residential land in its 10 year supply to accommodate the forecasted household growth. Oxford County Community & Strategic Planning monitors housing supply, housing affordability, and is updating the household forecast. In 2011 there were 41,555 households in Oxford County.
  • As Oxford’s baby boomer population ages, the demand for lower maintenance and accessible housing will increase, along the housing continuum.
  •  More affordable rental and home ownership options are needed for the approximately 1,700 renters and 900 home owners whose housing does not meet adequacy, suitability, or affordability standards (Core Housing Need, 2006). An even larger group of over 7000 households spend more than 30% of their household income on shelter (2011 Census).
  •  Rental accommodation is particularly challenging due to critically low vacancy rates: 6.0% in Ingersoll, 1.7% in Tillsonburg and 1.4% in Woodstock.


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Located in the heart of southwestern Ontario, Oxford County has a population of approximately 109,000 people across eight municipalities that are “growing stronger together” through a partnership-oriented, two-tier municipal government incorporated as the County of Oxford. One of Ontario’s richest areas for farmland, Oxford County also boasts a rapidly expanding commercial and industrial sector that is bolstered by its choice location at the crossing of Highways 401 and 403. The County is home to a thriving local arts, culture and culinary community, as well as conservation parks, natural areas and more than 100 kilometres of scenic trails. The Oxford County Administration Building is located in Woodstock. Visit or follow our social media sites at Oxford County’s Strategic Plan is at



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