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November 08, 2016
Draft Woodlands Conservation Bylaw

Public input will be a key element in updating the bylaw

The County of Oxford has initiated a review of the County’s Woodlands Conservation Bylaw.  The current bylaw was adopted by Council in 2004 to support responsible forestry management practices and environmental stewardship of woodland areas within the County.

The County is now reviewing the Woodlands Conservation Bylaw and has prepared an updated draft version of the bylaw for discussion purposes. The current draft bylaw is intended to act as a ‘starting point’ for consultation and engagement with the public and stakeholders regarding woodlands conservation in Oxford, with a goal of improving the Woodlands Conservation By-law and its overall administration. For more information regarding the important aspects of the draft bylaw, read Council Report CASPO 2016-182.

Why is the bylaw important?

The Woodlands Conservation By-law is recognized as an important tool with respect to retaining and enhancing woodlands in Oxford. The By-law identifies woodlands and sets out definitions for the purpose of protecting trees. It also identifies tree species to be protected; sets out the requirements for obtaining permits to harvest trees; and outlines the provisions regarding enforcement and penalties.

The Woodlands Conservation Bylaw is important because it helps Oxford County to:

  • Sustain the community’s environmental and natural heritage resources

  • Conserve and improve woodlands through good forestry practices

  • Protect, promote and enhance the value of woodlands for social, economic and environmental value

  • Enhance biodiversity and forest resilience that will assist the community in adapting to climate change and other environmental threats to forest health

We want you to speak up!

Public input will be a key element in updating the Woodlands Conservation Bylaw. submit your feedback and ask questions through Speak Up, Oxford!

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You are also welcome to contact the project lead:

Gordon Hough, Community and Strategic Planning Office, Oxford County, 519.539.0015 ext. 3207 | 1.800.755.0394


Draft Woodlands Conservation Bylaw

Schedules A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H & I

Woodlands Conservation Bylaw Presentation

Bylaw Compaison Chart

Appendix A – Mandatory Exemptions

Appendix B – Tree Compensation Policy

Council Report No: CASPO 2016-182 – Woodlands Conservation By-law Update and Initiation of Public and Stakeholder Consultation

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