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Transportation Master Plan
September 12, 2016
Transportation Master Plan

Oxford County is updating the Transportation Master Plan to help guide programs and investments for the next 20 years

Oxford County has initiated an update to the 2009 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to help guide the County’s transportation programs and investments for the next 20 years and beyond. The TMP will:

  • Identify existing and future transportation deficiencies, considering travel demand and supply for various modes of travel throughout the County;
  • Identify rural and urban transportation issues;
  • Assess strategic transportation service options for roads and other travel modes;
  • Consider transportation demand management strategies aimed at promoting alternative modes of transportation;
  • Develop a transportation strategy to address population and employment growth over the next 20 years; and
  • Develop a practical and financially achievable implementation plan that supports economic and environmental sustainability while achieving the mobility need of the County.

Public input will be a key element in developing the TMP. Members of the public are invited and encouraged to comment on the project at any time during the Study. Opportunities for involvement will also be available through Public Consultation Centres (PCC) and forums.

You can also provide feedback by and ask questions through Speak Up, Oxford!

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Transportation Master Plan Study (2009)