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April 21, 2016
Transportation strategy for Southwestern Ontario

Mobility is one of the keys to economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Mobility is one of the keys to economic, social and environmental prosperity. It affects where people choose to live and work. In turn, this influences where businesses locate. In an increasingly competitive world, highly mobile regions are the ones that succeed in attracting residents, investment and a skilled workforce.

In Southwestern Ontario, some of the pieces of the public transportation puzzle are already in place, but they require innovative development. Others are still absent.

"New Directions: Advancing Southwestern Ontario's Public Transportation Opportunities" is a tool kit to assist Southwestern Ontario in seizing several opportunities presented by upcoming public policy and funding decisions concerning the future of our national and provincial transportation systems. It is intended as a guide to building the type of public transportation system that will contribute significantly to this region’s competitiveness and long-term sustainability.

Only with leadership and partnerships that include the federal, provincial and municipal governments, Crown corporations and public agencies, and the service providers, can we connect the pieces required to create a multi-modal public transportation system.

For Southwestern Ontario, the choice is not whether we can afford to undertake this task, but whether we can afford not to – and how do we ensure we receive the most value from our investment.

New Directions: Advancing Southwestern Ontario's Public Transportation Opportunities

Download the tool kit as a PDF

  1. Cover
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Map
  4. Overview
  5. Partnerships
  6. Multi-Modal Terminals
  7. Urban Transit
  8. Inter-Community Bus Service
  9. GO Transit
  10. High-Performance Rail
  11. High-Speed Rail
  12. Back cover


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Oxford County's Strategic Plan sets out a commitment to being well connected through transportation networks, community access and connectivity. The Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan further sets out a target to:

Develop accessible intercommunity transportation options to reduce reliance on personal automobile ownership

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