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September 05, 2014
Trails Master Plan
Oxford County has developed a Trails Master Plan that will guide future trail development, operation and maintenance throughout the County over the next 20+ years.

Update: The Trails Master Plan project has been completed, but you can still comment anytime.



Oxford County has worked with its eight local area municipalities to develop a Trails Master Plan that will guide trail development, operation and maintenance in our communities.


Planning was led by Oxford County staff in consultation with an engineering consultant, MMM Group, and supported by a Steering Committee made up of County Councillors, community groups, the public, municipalities, conservation authorities and members of the Oxford County Trails Association.

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     online comment form on this page
  • Send an email to Frank Gross, Supervisor of Engineering at
  • Submit your written comments to Customer Service at 21 Reeve Street, PO Box 1614, Woodstock, Ontario, N4S 7Y3

Read the Trails Master Plan

Notice of Completion: Trails Master Plan
View full report
: Trails Master Plan

    Table of contents


   Chapter 1 - Direction of the Master Plan

   Chapter 2 - Trails in Oxford County

   Chapter 3 - Developing and designing the trails network

   Chapter 4 - Facilitating and coordinating implementing


   Appendix A - A summary of background policies and plans

   Appendix B - Summary of consultation activities

   Appendix C - Trail designer's toolbox

   Appendix D - Land acquisition strategies

   Appendix E - On and off-road maintenance

   Appendix F - Unit price schedule

   Appendix G - Performance measures



Map 3.1  Existing conditions county-wide
Map 3.2  Route network concept county-wide
Map 3.3  Urban enlargement areas route network concept
Map 3.4  Oxford County
Map 3.5  City of Woodstock facility types
Map 3.6  Town of Tillsonburg facility types
Map 3.7  Township of Blanford-Blenheim facility types
Map 3.8  Town of Ingersoll facility types
Map 3.9  Township of Zorra facility types
Map 3.10 Township of South-West Oxford facility types
Map 3.11 Township of East Zorra-Tavistock facility types
Map 3.12 Township of Norwich facility types
Map 3.13 Oxford County Priority Projects




What has been involved

Work for the study has included:

  • Documenting and mapping existing trails and their unique features, including opportunities and barriers to trail development
  • Reviewing local policies and plans that influence trail development
  • Reviewing success stories in other communities
  • Recommending a County-wide trails network, including on and off-road routes
  • Plans for continuing to consult with the public, local stakeholders, interest groups and public agencies in the future
  • Identifying marketing and promotion, marketing and partnership strategies


Project Timeline

  • July 2013. Oxford County issued a public notice that the study was beginning.

  • Sept 2013. A public outreach campaign was launched to receive initial feedback into the study.

  • Oct 2013. The project’s steering committee began meeting to oversee work.

  • Fall 2013. The engineering consultant group, as part of its work plan, assembled technical information, mapping and undertook a field review.

  • Nov & Dec 2013. Public Information Centres were held on November 28 in Woodstock and December 4 in Tillsonburg. See the display boards

  • Jan 31, 2014. A first draft of the Trails Master Plan was presented to the Steering Committee.

  • Mar 12, 2014. County Council receives the Draft Trails Master Plan, kicking off the start of a one-month review period ending April 25. View the March 12 report to Council | Download the presentation

  • April 25, 2014. Deadline for public comments on Draft Trails Master Plan.

  • August 14, 2014. Steering committee meeting to review comments and discuss proposed revisions to draft documents.

  • Sept 2014. Revised Draft Trails Master Plan to be presented to Oxford County Council.

  • Oct. 8, 2014. Review and comment period commenced.

  • Nov. 8, 2014. Review and comment period ended.


Please contact: 
Frank Gross, C. Tech
Supervisor of Engineering Services

539-9800 | 1-800-755-0394, ext. 3120


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