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Speak Up, Oxford!

April 25, 2018
Smart Cities

Oxford is taking part in the Smart Cities Challenge, a Government of Canada competition to improve community through innovation, data and connected technology

Oxford County is up for the Smart Cities Challenge

The Smart Cities Challenge is a Canada-wide competition that encourages communities to adopt a "smart cities" approach to improving the lives of residents through innovation, data and connected technology. On April 24, 2018, Oxford County and the eight area municipalites submitted an application to compete for one of two prizes of up to $10 million for communities with populations under 500,000. On May 1, Oxford was notified that its submission had been accepted into the Challenge.


Read Oxford County's Smart Cities Challenge application

Download a copy of the Oxford submission

Question 1 & 2: Applicant information and prize category

Question 3: Challenge statement

Question 4: Outcomes

Question 5: Community involvement

Question 6: Preliminary proposal details

Question 7: Support of community goals

Question 8: Community readiness

Question 9: Plan for grant

Question 10: Partners

Question 11: Confidential information (not applicable) 

Question 12-16: Other requirements

Question 17: Survey questions

Question 18-20: Focus, service area, technologies

Oxford’s participation in the Smart Cities Challenge is an opportunity to work collectively with our community partners to advance the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan. Through our Smart Cities participation, we hope to learn from, share ideas with, and leverage the work of community, industry and academic partners across Canada and potentially around the world.

Read Council Report CAO 2018-01 - Infrastructure Canada's Smart Cities Challenge (Jan 10, 2018)


Contact for more information

Jay Heaman | Manager, Strategic Initiatives