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Care Link

Seconds in an emergency can save a life.

Care Link Medical Information File is a free vinyl pouch that holds important medical information that can be vital to emergency responders.

This vinyl pouch has a magnet on the back and attaches to your refrigerator door. A decal is placed on the door of the home to let paramedics and other emergency responders know that this information can be found inside.

Each pouch comes with three cards that can be completed for each family member.

The information on the cards tells paramedics everything they need to know about a patient's existing medical conditions, current medications and drug allergies if the patient is unable to communicate.

Once the patient arrives at hospital the file is handed over to emergency staff and all of the medical information that they need is on hand.  

A photograph can also be enclosed with the card for anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s or any type of dementia and it could be invaluable for police and/or media in locating and safely returning a missing individual.