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Delivering the VisionDelivering the Vision

The Delivering the Vision Strategic Plan Progress Report outlines the steps Oxford has taken towards its visions of "vibrant communities, working well and growing stronger ... together" and a "vibrant, prosperous, and responsible Oxford for all." The document presents the accomplishments of County Council during the 2015-2018 term. More

Strategic Plan

Oxford County's first Strategic Plan was released in spring 2013, followed by a 2015-2018 update released in June 2015. The Plan sets "Vibrant communities" as its vision, with six Strategic Directions that outline how it will achieve its Mission: "To serve the needs and advance the collective interests of our communities, residents and businesses through customer-focused services that improve quality of life." More

Official Plan

In Oxford, the County Official Plan serves as the Official Plan for both the County and all eight area municipalities within Oxford County. The Official Plan is used for assessing planning applications received by the County and area municipalities and helps to guide potential infrastructure and other municipal investment decisions.  More


Annual Report

The 2016 Annual Report includes a list of key accomplishments while detailing the County's financial performance from the past year. Highlights include the Draft 100% Renewable Energy Plan and Draft Zero Waste Plan that were released in 2016, putting us on the path towards becoming a leader in renewable energy and waste reduction. More