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Annual Report

Another year of progress in Oxford County. The 2017 Annual Report outlines accomplishments from the past year, along with financial statements.

2017 Annual Report cover

Highlights include breaking ground for the Waste Management & Education Centre and the introduction of Canada’s first electric hybrid ambulances, demonstrating a continued commitment to becoming a global leader in sustainability and renewable energy.

Oxford County also continued its strong advocacy for a transportation system that effectively supports and serves southwestern Ontario. In August 2017, Oxford County released an update to its New Directions “tool kit” that advocates for the development of an integrated public transportation master plan for the region, urging the province to consider viable alternatives to a proposed high-speed rail system.

In addition, the County passed a resolution committing to achieving Zero Poverty. Consistent with the community goals of the Future Oxford Sustainability Plan and the results of the Oxford County Community Wellbeing Survey, the commitment to Zero Poverty is an initiative to strengthen wellbeing for all.

Consolidated financial statements provide a breakdown of the total budget, showing residents how the $231.4 million dollars were allocated. In 2017, the County invested in low-carbon municipal vehicles to expand its "green fleet"; capital projects to sustain its property, roads, equipment and infrastructure; and community grants that support the County's economic, environmental and social wellbeing as articulated in the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan.

The year-end budget for 2017 ended with a $2.5 million surplus resulting from a variety of factors, including property assessment adjustments, rent surplus for County housing, higher than expected recycling revenues, investment income and unfilled job vacancies.

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