Solar Challenge SC Application

Solar Oxford Challenge

Do you think you can reduce electricity use at your home or business by up to 50% in a year? Can you challenge yourself to achieve net-zero electricity usage in just one year using solar energy?

If you answered “yes” to one or both of the questions above, consider participating in the Solar Oxford Challenge and take control of your energy usage!

The Solar Oxford Challenge is a 100% renewable energy education and technology challenge that will help residents and businesses reduce electricity consumption and achieve net-zero electricity usage by adopting solar technology.

What is Net-zero electricity?

Net-zero electricity means that all of the electricity consumed is equal to or less than the electricity created from a renewable energy resource, in this case, solar photovoltaic panels.

Challenge steps

  1.  Sixteen (16) Oxford County residents/businesses will be selected using the information provided in this application form. Preference will be given to two (2) qualified applicants from each municipality in Oxford County.
  2. Participants will idenfity their current annual electricity consumption and calculate the required amount of solar needed to offset their existing annual electricity usage.
  3. Estimate the total cost of required solar to displace existing annual consumption.
  4. Participants will then create an achievable target of reducing electricity consumption by 50%.
  5. Next, participants will re-assess the total required solar amount and estimated cost to displace the equivalent electricity consumption after accounting for a 50% reduction in annual kilowatt hours (kWhs)
  6. Participants’ remaining energy needs would then be met by installing solar PV panels at their home or business, allowing them to achieve “net zero.”
  7. Oxford County will provide 16 performance-based incentives of up to $1,000 to participants that achieve net-zero electricity usage within one year.

Participants must be willing to allow Oxford County to share challenge stories with Oxford County residents.


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