Solar Challenge

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UPDATE: The Solar Challenge was discontinued in 2018. For more information on Oxford County's progress on its comittment to 100% renewable energy see the Reports and publications section of the website. 

Do you think you can reduce electricity use at your home or business by up to 50% in a year?

Can you challenge yourself to acheive net-zero electricity usage in just one year using solar energy?

If you anwswered "yes," consider participating in the Solar Oxford Challenge and take control of your electricity usage!

The Solar Oxford Challenge is a 100% renewable energy education and technology challenge that will help residents and businesses reduce electricity consumption and achieve net-zero electricity usage by adopting solar technology.

What is net-zero electricity?

Net-zero electricity means that all of the electricity consumed is equal to, or less than, the electricity created from a renewable energy resource, in this case, solar photovoltaic panels.

Challenge details

Sixteen (16) Oxford County residents/businesses will work to reduce their electricity consumption by up to 50% over a year, with their remaining needs met by installing solar PV panels at home, allowing them to achieve “net zero.”

Oxford County will provide up to $1,000 to each participant that achieves net-zero electricity usage within one year.

Download the Solar Oxford Challenge brochure, and fillable PDF application form and email to, or mail or drop off a printed application to:

Oxford County Administration Building
21 Reeve St., P.O Box 1614
Woodstock, ON
N4S 7Y3

You can also access and complete the online application form by clicking the link below.

Other resources

Scotiabank lending support

Scotiabank now offers homeowners special lending rates to finance renovations that will help improve energy efficiency. Some examples that would qualify include replacing windows, adding insulation or upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace. To find out more about these lending services, visit one of the following branches:

  • Tillsonburg: 199 Broadway Street | 519-688-6400
  • Woodstock:
    • 385 Springbank Ave. N | 519-537-2900
    • 485 Dundas St. | 519-537-3473

Future Oxford

The Future Oxford: A Community Sustainability Plan sets out the community’s vision for how community, environmental and economic resources for Oxford County’s future growth and wellbeing will be managed. The plan sets out 70 distinct actions to improve quality of life for Oxford’s current and future generations.

Smart Energy Oxford

Smart Energy Oxford is a coalition of municipalities, sustainable energy businesses, local distribution companies, sustainable energy advocates and private citizens committed to cultivating a renewable energy industry in Oxford County. This wide spectrum of community, business and government interest and expertise is necessary to achieve Oxford’s 100% renewable energy by 2050 commitment.

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