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Projects and studies

Drumbo WWTP Class Environmental Assessment

Oxford County has initiated the current Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to examine upgrade options in detail and to determine the most cost-effective, environmentally sound, and sustainable approach to increase the treatment capacity of the Oxford County Drumbo WWTP. The study will include a door-to-door survey of all properties to ensure that sump pumps and foundation drains are not connected to the sanitary sewers.

Public input will be welcomed at at upcoming public meetings.

Princeton Wastewater Servicing Study / Class EA

Oxford County is undertaking a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to develop a wastewater servicing plan for the Community of Princeton that is environmentally responsible, socially acceptable and economically sustainable.

South Ingersoll Servicing – 2011 & 2013 Project Billout

Since 2002, the County and the Town have been extending municipal water, wastewater and stormwater services to the lands brought into the Town of Ingersoll as a result of the boundary adjustment of 2001. The County is currently preparing to bill the costs of the water and wastewater extension to the properties located within the 2011 and 2013 construction project areas.  The areas included in the billing are shown below and are located on Kirwin Dr., Pine St., Cedar St., Elm St. and Royland Cres.

Parkinson Road Sanitary and Storm Sewer Extensions


Oxford County plans to tender a project this April/May 2015 for the construction of storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water services, and restoration work for Parkinson Road between Beards Lane and Universal Drive in Woodstock.

The current cost estimate for this last phase is $350,000 including water, sanitary storm and road works. The sewer component will be billed out to benefiting properties based on a single family equivalency. Water connection fees will only be charged to properties that are currently not on municipal water.

Public meeting handout April 14, 2015

South Ingersoll Sanitary Servicing

In 2015, the County and the Town of Ingersoll are planning a $3,000,000 construction project which will see sanitary sewer extension, watermain and storm sewer repairs and road reconstruction (including new curbs and sidewalks) on Whiting St., Brickwood Blvd., Maple Lane, Clark Rd. W., Old Whiting St. and Culloden Rd. Costs for the new sewers will be attributed to each property owner with pre-tendering cost estimates of $12,875 per existing single family residential property. Owners of development properties should contact the Public Works Department to discuss connection costs. This project is being completed as a mandatory connection project and all owners will be required to connect to the sewer.

Tillsonburg Class Environmental Assessment: Road, Water, and Wastewater

Oxford County is considering road reconstruction of the portion of North Street from Broadway to the east Town limits. The condition and capacity of culverts, storm sewers, and watermains are also being reviewed for possible required upgrades. The provision of sanitary sewers to service existing and future development will also be addressed by this Class EA. The project is being planned under Schedule C of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Municipal Engineers Association 2007, amended in 2011).

Norwich WWTP

Oxford County is undertaking a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to determine the most cost-effective, environmentally sound, and sustainable approach to provide wastewater treatment to accommodate future growth in the Village of Norwich until 2036 (25-year planning horizon).

City of Woodstock Water Distribution Master Plan

Oxford County is undertaking a Water Distribution Master Plan Study for the City of Woodstock. The Water Distribution Master Plan will evaluate servicing alternatives and identify the preferred strategy for the water distribution system to accommodate long term growth needs in the City of Woodstock.

Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) Projects

Beginning in November 2016, Oxford County Public Works began work on eight projects that received Provincial and Federal funding as part of the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund program. Each of these projects will benefit either the water or wastewater systems in the County. The combined budget for all projects is $5.1M, with the County receiving $3.95M from government funding.

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