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The County of Oxford monitors water 24/7 to ensure it is safe to drink. We treat water, remove harmful contaminants, and maintain the underground network of pipes that deliver it to your house.


What’s new

Feb 9: Water meter replacements begin in Tillsonburg area 

Phase 2 of Oxford County’s Universal Metering project kicks off in February 2016. This work, which will be performed by authorized contractor Corix Water Products, will replace older water meters in Tillsonburg and install new meters in surrounding rural properties. The installation will also include a new meter reading device for all properties that allows meter readings to be collected by a mobile utility vehicle. For full details visit www.oxfordmeter.ca or read the news release

2014 Annual water system summary reports shows Oxford’s tap water is safe water 

Annual water system summary reports are now online for each of the 19 communities that make up Oxford County’s municipal water system. 

Drinking water and your health

Oxford County Public Health's new health information advisories explain special health considerations for some areas with naturally occurring fluoride and sodium in their drinking water.  

Only tap water delivers

 Did you know the water from your tap is regularly tested for bacteria and more than 70 different chemicals? Tap water offers safety, reliability, and the best value for your dollar. A typical 500 mL bottle you buy outside the home can cost between $1.00 and $3.00. From your tap, you can fill the same water bottle more than 1 500 times for $1.00!

Only Tap Water Delivers is the County’s public education campaign about municipal tap water. Learn more


Looking for information about private wells or small drinking water systems?

Visit the Public Health pages on private wells, small drinking water systems, and testing.

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