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Practice safe waste
6/3/2019 11:20:32 AM

Did you know that you can play a role in protecting the health and safety of our waste collection team?

Practice safe waste by making set outs safer, driving responsibly near collection vehicles and properly disposing of sharps.




Practice safe set outs for curbside collectionMaking your set outs safer for garbage and recycling collectors is easy. Here are four ways to make your set outs safe:

  1. Lighten the load – Leave some extra room in the garbage bag or blue box. Max weight per container is 44 lbs (20 kg).
  2. Box up any glass – place broken glass or mirror in a sealed box. Label “broken glass” and place in a garbage bag for collection, or place a bag tag directly on the box.
  3. Make sure all bags and boxes are easily accessible for collectors.
  4. Don’t put hazardous waste or sharps in your curbside set outs.





Practice safe driving around waste collection vehiclesPracticing safe driving around collection vehicles is important for the health and safety of you, your passengers and the collection drivers. When passing a collection vehicle, please do the following:

  1. Approach collection vehicles slowly and carefully, leaving plenty of space for them to maneuver.
  2. When passing, use caution and make sure you have a clear path to pass. Leave lots of space between you and collection vehicles.
  3. Do not follow too closely, collection vehicles stop frequently and without warning.





Practice safe sharps disposalDO NOT put sharps (medical needles, syringes and insulin pen-tips etc.) in your garbage or recycling. To protect the health and safety of collectors, curbside collection will be discontinued if sharps are found poking out of garbage bags or in recycling boxes.

Sharps should be placed in a sealed, puncture-proof container. Pharmacies will accept sharps in properly sealed containers. Visit for further sharps handling instructions and participating drop-off locations.

It’s easy to help protect the health and safety of your waste collectors. For further questions or information, visit or call 519-539-9800.

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