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Household hazardous waste and E-waste
10/11/2018 1:55:13 PM

There's a place for that!

Many of us can likely admit to having an old cellphone or similar device stuffed in a junk drawer somewhere in our house. Or maybe you have a couple cans of leftover paint stacked in the corner of your garage.

These items cannot be put out at your curb for pickup. In fact, no Canadian municipality offers curbside collection of e-waste and household hazardous materials. So what do you do with it in Oxford County? Keep reading.

Household hazardous waste

image of hazardous waste display
Household hazardous waste can be found anywhere in your home. It could be the oven cleaner in your kitchen or the fertilizer in your shed. Wherever they are, these products can be dangerous and should never be put in your curbside garbage or recycling box, which could put waste workers at risk of injury. At the same time, don’t put yourself at risk by stockpiling these hazards in your home or garage. Oxford County has a safe place for them.

Things like paint, motor oil, aerosols, fluorescent light tubes and bulbs can all be recycled at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility and the new EnviroDepot in Woodstock. If you are unsure about what items are accepted, you can find a list here.

Keeping hazardous waste out of the garbage is important to prevent chemicals from leeching out and contaminating our soil and groundwater. Hazardous substances should also never be flushed or poured down the drain where it can enter the sewage system. And, please keep any sharps out of your garbage. To learn more about correct disposal of sharps, check out the video on


graphic of phone it forward
Four out of five households have at least one electronic item they want to get rid of. Globally last year, the total amount of electronic waste reached 44.7 million tonnes and only about 20 per cent is recycled.

Together with several community partners, Oxford County is launching a unique e-waste collection event this weekend to promote the reuse of old cellphones as part of Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

During Waste Reduction Week, you can drop off your used cellphones at several participating locations, including branches of Oxford County Library, local municipal offices, and some churches, including Norwich United Church and Eastwood United Church. This special waste collection event supports the CNIB Phone It Forward program, where donated smartphones are reprogrammed with accessible apps for people with sight loss. Your e-waste will empower others and help them do all kinds of things that may have seemed challenging before.

And don’t worry if you miss this collection event, cellphones and many other household electronics can be taken to the electronic waste depot at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility any time of year.

Other ways to reduce e-waste

  • Rethink - do you really need the newest, shiniest device on the market?
  • Purchase refurbished electronics instead of purchasing
  • Repair broken electronics whenever possible
  • Refurbish or recycle electronics instead of landfilling them.
  • Creating innovative approaches to product design
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