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Curbside Collection

Why do I have to set out by 7AM?
If my garbage and recycling is always collected at 10AM, can I set it out at 9AM?
Where do I set out at the curb?
What should I do about snow plows in the winter?
What should I do if my garbage and/or recycling doesn’t get collected?
What happens if my collection day is cancelled due to weather?

Curbside collection

Oxford County collects garbage and recycling weekly from roughly 26,000 households across its six participating municipalities co-collected in the same truck (divider in the middle to separate material) to reduce transportation costs..

Municipality Collection Day
North Ingersoll (north of Bell st west of Thames St N, everything north of river on east side of Thames St N)
South Ingersoll (includes everything south of Bell St on west side of Thames St N)
North West Tillsonburg (all homes north of Concession St W and west of Broadway)
Tillsonburg (all homes east of Broadway St and south of Concession St W) Wednesday
Norwich, East Zorra Tavistock south of Braemar Sideroad Thursday
Blandford-Blenheim, East Zorra Tavistock North of Braemar Sideroad Friday

Woodstock Garbage & Recycling Schedule

When's my collection?

Search by address to confirm your next waste collection day and see what materials are being collected. Trouble getting your Wasteline calendar? Make sure you are entering your civic address—the location where your garbage is picked up—and not a mailing address, for instance, post office (PO) box.

You can also:

  • View, download and print your collection calendar
  • Sign up for weekly reminders (email, phone or Twitter)
  • Add a schedule to your personal calendar (iCal, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook)

Wasteline app

Use your Apple or Android device to view schedules, receive reminders, and get sorting tips for your garbage and recycling. BlackBerry users can take full advantage of our mobile-friendly website

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What goes where?

Not sure where something goes? Try the “What goes where?” widget for sorting made easy. Enter your address, then tell us what you need to recycle and we’ll tell you where it goes.

To cancel notifications from Wasteline on mobile devices, reply “cancel” to the text message. To cancel telephone reminders, wait for prompt at the end of a notification phone call and follow instructions to cancel further notices. Email reminders contain an unsubscribe link in the footer of each message.

COVID-19: Oxford County follows guidance from Southwestern Public Health and the Government of Ontario. See updates on our programs and services at www.oxfordcounty.ca/COVID-19

Weather conditions

  • Try to ensure your garbage bag(s) are free of snow and ice.
  • Ensure leaves are cleared away from set out spot at curbside
  • Do not place garbage and recycling on top of snowbanks: collectors will not climb over snowbanks for safety reasons and to ensure they remain on schedule. Make sure there is a clear path for the collector.
  • To help with efficient and safe collection, shovel out a small area to set your garbage and recycling.
  • Keep garbage bags off of sidewalks and out of the potential path of snow plows.
  • During extreme weather conditions (heavy snowfall, high winds), store your set-out material in a shelter or garage
  • When conditions are unsafe for our collection crews to collect material, please return your garbage and recycling inside the house and put out on your next collection day.

Acceptable containers

Garbage cans must:

  • Be a rigid container;
  • Be intact (unbroken) with working handles that are safe for the drivers to pick up and empty;
  • Consist of  one bag tag placed on the top bag if the container is less than 128 liters;
  • Consist of two bag tags placed on the top bag if the container is between 129 and 240 liters,
  • Containers larger than 240 litres will not be collected.

Recycling containers should have working handles and drain holes in the bottom of the container.

Oxford County has blue boxes available for sale at several locations in the County.

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Get your Oxford County waste calendar:

Download an electronic version of the Oxford County Waste Management Calendar, complete with recycling tips, info on special collection events and more or use the “When’s my pick-up” tool to download your very own personalized collection calendar.
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Get your City of Woodstock calendar:

Download the City Services Calendar for detailed information on collection routes/days, special waste drop off, bulk item collection and more.
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