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Reports and publications

Oxford County Public Health publishes different types of public health research and reporting to help identify health priorities for our community and to support other health and social service professionals in their work with Oxford County residents.

Featured reports and publications

2016 Communicating with Health-care Providers in Oxford County: Evaluating Public Health’s Activities

December 2016

An evaluation report that considers the changing landscape of primary care and how Public Health can employ a collaborative approach that balances its need to communicate specific information with that of providers’ priorities.

2016  A Healthier Recreation Concession Pilot Project Evaluation

July & September 2016

Recreational spaces are key community settings that can promote healthy food options while at the same time supporting physical activity, community belonging and healthy living. To promote healthier food and beverage options at municipal arenas, Public Health designed consecutive pilot programs with Blandford-Blenheim Township in 2015/16 and Zorra Township in 2016. The final reports look at how creating supportive environments can make it easier for patrons to make healthier food and beverage choices. Visit Food & Sports

2011-2013 Community Dental Services Report

November 2013

This bi-annual report highlights all the programs offered and administered through Public Health as well as findings and statistics of dental screening programs for children across the County.

Mapping A Pathway For Embedding A Strengths-Based Approach In Public Health Practice

May 2013

This current project study explores a paradigm shift; it seeks to better understand how a strengths-based approach can be sustainably embedded into public health care practice.

Food Security Report

March 2012

Public Health’s “Cost of healthy eating report” shows the cost of feeding an average family a healthy diet rose 12.3% in 2011.

Healthy Communities Report

January 2012

The Healthy Communities Report paints a picture of the health of Oxford County residents and sets out local health priorities. The report is intended to help local agencies apply for a Healthy Communities Fund Grant.

What about our Children: Overweight and Obesity in Oxford County

April 2011

Oxford County’s first report on childhood obesity looked at the weight status of more than 2,000 children between 2007 and 2010, finding that roughtly one third of preschoolers were overweight, obese or at risk of being overweight.

Oxford County Oral Health Status Report

February 2010

A snapshot of oral health status in Oxford County, the factors that impact on the oral health of county residents, and what Oral Health Services is doing to help Oxford County residents achieve optimal oral health.

Red Flags: a quick reference guide for early years professionals

January 2009

A survey of local services and approaches to identifying children who may be at risk of not meeting health and/or developmental milestones at the earliest possible sign. Not intended as a formal screening or diagnostic tool or for parents.

Reproductive Health Status in Oxford County

August 2008

This report focuses on the reproductive health status of women in OxfordCounty and provides useful information to identify community need and develop locally-relevant activities and services.