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October 26, 2017
Oxford County's green fleet grows

Canadian-first technology in snow plows and ambulances shift into service

Five new vehicles have been added to Oxford County’s fleet, featuring leading-edge technology aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Canada’s first snow plows powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) will begin clearing roads, once the snow begins to fall. Two CNG snow plows have been delivered in time for the coming cold-weather season.

In another Canadian-first for vehicle technology, two new hybrid ambulances were acquired in September by Oxford County Paramedic Services. The Fleetmax XL3 hybrid ambulance uses regenerative braking to increase fuel economy. A solar panel on the roof of the ambulance harnesses the power of the sun, supplying on board batteries that power electrical systems. This energy works in tandem with the Eco-Run system that shuts down the ambulance’s engine when it is idling, without impacting the interior temperature or power to paramedic equipment.

Oxford County has also added a fully-electric Chevrolet Bolt to the fleet, which is used by Source Water Protection staff to visit residents and sites throughout the County.

These new additions bring the number of green fleet vehicles to seven, with plans to convert or purchase 13 more CNG hybrid vehicles in the coming months.

These enhancements to the County’s fleet will help achieve a projected 6.2% reduction in CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to keeping 38 barrels of oil in the ground, or preserving 19 acres of forest.


Melissa Abercrombie, Manager of Engineering Services, Oxford County Public Works

“Anytime you can introduce a Canadian-first, especially something as iconic as a snow plow, it is really a special achievement. Our roads crews are excited to begin using this new technology to see how it performs under the harsh winter conditions. These vehicles receive heavy use and that’s why it is so important to try and mitigate the environmental impact of our fleet.”

Ben Addley, Manager of Paramedic Services, Oxford County Public Health & Emergency Services

“Oxford County Paramedic Services is committed to reducing our environmental impact, without compromising patient care or our ability to respond to emergencies. We believe the Fleetmax XL3 hybrid ambulance with the Eco-Run anti-idling system will help us accomplish that by allowing the equipment and temperature of the ambulance to have a continuous stream of power, even when the ambulance is not running. It’s really an amazing integration of technology.”


Oxford County staff and vendors celebrate the unveiling of green fleet vehicles

In photo (L-R):
Murray Logan, Faromor CNG Corporation
Michael O'Hearn, Daimler Trucks North America
David Simpson, Director, Oxford County Public Works
Melissa Abercrombie, Manager of Engineering Services, Oxford County Public Works
David Mayberry, Warden, Oxford County
Peter Crockett, CAO, Oxford County
Michael Harbec, Crestline Coach
Ben Addley, Chief, Oxford County Paramedic Services 
Bruce Farr, Ferno AceTech
David Crombie, Ferno AceTech



Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles

Compressed Natural Gas components have been supplied by Faromor CNG Corporation, which offers expertise on compression design and vehicle conversions. Faromor CNG Corp. has provided many years of experience in compressed natural gas and renewable natural gas facility engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance.

The natural gas is provided by Rural Green Energy, a Woodstock-based company committed to delivering more environmentally and economically sustainable fuel options to its customers. Natural gas is supplied by RGE’s new Commercial Card Lock 24/7 3600psi fast fill facility.

The snow and ice control equipment on the CNG snow plow’s chassis has been designed, manufactured and installed by Viking-Cives. Viking-Cives have worked to ensure a seamless integration of the equipment with the CNG fuel cell.

Hybrid ambulances

Oxford County’s newest ambulances are the Crestline Coach’s Fleetmax XL3 hybrid, which have been paired with Ferno’s ACETECH solar panels, and ACETECH Eco-Run technology – all of which will help to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the vehicles.

In May 2017, Oxford County purchased Crestline Coach Fleetmax XL3 Hybrid ambulances – Canada’s first hybrid-model ambulance. The XL3 Hybrid system easily installs onto original manufacturer powertrains, using regenerative braking to help the vehicle increase fuel economy by 25% and reduce fuel costs by 20%.

The ACETECH solar panels are the lightest and most efficient on the market, meaning the batteries and on board electrical systems are provided with substantial charging. These panels have been designed to meet the demands an emergency vehicle is expected to face, including extreme temperatures, vibration from high-speed travel, and other environmental factors.

ACETECH’s patented Eco-Run System reduces idling times by shutting down the vehicle’s engine when both the interior temperature and battery level are optimal. The engine will automatically restart when the battery level drops or if the inside vehicle temperature becomes uncomfortable. When combined, these technologies will help to reduce engine maintenance and fuel costs whilst ensuring carbon emissions are kept to a minimal.

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