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September 11, 2017
Request for Proposal: For the Provision of Hairdressing and Barbering Services

For Woodingford Lodge - Woodstock, Operated by the County of Oxford

Submissions must be received on or before, 1pm on September 22nd, 2017

Woodingford Lodge, Woodstock is a County of Oxford owned and operated, long term care home, providing personal and health care services, primarily to senior citizens. Our Home is consistently full, operating at 99% occupancy and enjoys a very positive reputation within the Oxford County community.

Woodingford Lodge Woodstock, is a 160 bed home, with a need for hairdressing and barbering beginning on October 30th, 2017.

Hairdressing is required for the resident home areas of Peach Place (26 beds) and Mapleville (26 beds)


Barbering service is required for all men (currently, approximately 45 male residents reside at Woodingford Lodge.)

The Hair Salon would be available for use on Mondays and Thursdays, as well as evenings (after 4:00pm) and on weekends.

The successful provider will have attained qualifications through a hairdressing course conducted by a recognized institution followed by several years experience as a professional hairdresser. All qualifications must be current.

The successful provider will be required to adhere to the Hairdressing and Barbering policies and costs for services having been established by Woodingford Lodge.

The successful candidate will make provision of all required hairdressing equipment and supplies.

Selected candidates will be contacted and offered an opportunity to make a presentation to the RFP Selection Committee. All costs associated with the development and submission of a proposal in response to this Request, or to provide oral or written clarification of its content, shall be the responsibility of the candidate. The County assumes no responsibility for these costs.

The successful provider will be required to enter into a Service Agreement for a minimum period of two years, which will be subject to cancellation by either party within 30 days written notice of intent. This Service Agreement will be automatically renewed annually after two years, unless either party provides written notice to the contrary.

Interested persons should submit a Proposal along with a resume.

The Proposal will be expected to address the following components:


  • Location of Head Office;  Hours of service and plan for substitute stylists;
  • Business experience and salon expertise in provision of service to long term care cliental;
  • Details of current license and any other required certifications for each stylist is required;
  • Details of equipment and supplies offered to provide efficient hairdressing and barbering services. Service space, utilities, linens and laundry service will be provided. A percentage of monthly revenue or a fix monthly fee will be applied.


  • Evaluation of service plan for continuous quality improvement initiatives;
  • Service charges and billing procedure for costs incurred by individual residents;
  • Reporting and Record keeping, inclusive of Incident Reporting;
  • Communication plan relating to families and Woodingford Lodge;


  • Plan of introduction and implementation of hairdressing and barbering service delivery.


  • Any “value added” services not addressed in the above components.

Responses should be mailed, or hand delivered in a sealed envelope marked: “Hairdressing and Barbering Services RFP” to Woodingford Lodge, 300 Juliana Drive, Woodstock, Ontario N4V 0A1 Attention; Corrie Fransen, Director or sent via email to

Woodingford Lodge reserves the right to accept or reject any/all Requests for Proposal for Hairdressing and Barbering services. The acceptance and award of the Proposal and execution of an Agreement is subject to the approval of the Council for the County of Oxford.

Thank you for your interest in Woodingford Lodge.

Corrie Fransen
Woodingford Lodge
County of Oxford
519-421-5556 ext. 2001

RFP submissions will close at 1:00pm, on September 22nd, 2017.

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