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April 12, 2017
Council this Week | Highlights from the April 12 County Council agenda

Virtual net metering, public health standards, SWIFT membership and more

Virtual net metering in Oxford County

Council will be asked on April 12 for Warden David Mayberry to approach the Government of Ontario for direct support of a virtual net metering demonstration project in Oxford County. For months, the County has been working on a concept for how it could apply surplus renewable energy generated by some County-owned facilities or locations to the energy demands of its other sites, "virtually" managing its own supply and demand. With government support, virtual net metering has the potential to help the County achieve its 100% renewable energy goal while serving as a model for other municipalities and consumer groups, particularly as it moves from a municipal-owned project to one based on public-private partnership.

Read Council report CAO 2017-06 - Developing Virtual Net Metering in Oxford County

County's contribution to SWIFT project

The County's 2017 contribution to SWIFT (SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology) is before Council for approval next week. Oxford County has a five-year commitment to the project running until 2019, with $140,848 earmarked for the current fiscal year and $704,240 in contributions committed in total. This year's transaction gives the County full membership in SWIFT, which recently received formal government funding that will allow it to move to the construction stage. SWIFT's mandate is to build the fibre optic network in Ontario's underdeveloped regions, bringing high-speed broadband to everyone and bolstering economic opportunities in these areas.

Read CAO 2017-05 - The SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) Membership Agreement

Public Health standards

On April 12, County Council will receive Oxford County Public Health's feedback on the recently released Modernized Standards for Public Health Programs and Services Consultation document, with a request for Council's approval to formally submit these comments to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The Ministry's consultation document sets out key changes to the current Ontario Public Health Standards, 2008, which directs the kinds of programs and services Ontario's public health units offer to their communities. Feedback from Oxford County Public Health includes commending the new school health standard and health equity standards, and also poses questions about funding and budget process.

Read Council report PHES 2017-04 - Modernized Standards for Public Health Programs and Services Consultation

Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation – Harrington and Area Community Association
  • Verbal report – Oxford County "Zero Waste" employee initiatives
  • PW 2017-18 Boundary Road Maintenance Agreement with Elgin County
  • PW 2017-20 Speed Zone Modifications
  • CS 2017-10 – Development Charges Annual Report 2016
  • CS 2017-11 – Parkinson Road Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Project-Internal Long-term Debt Issue

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