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February 08, 2017
New water/wastewater rates approved for 2017-2020

As new rates take effect April 1, township water system users will move from flat to metered rates

New water and wastewater rates for the next four years (2017-2020) have been approved by Oxford County Council. The new rates, which take effect on April 1, vary depending on where you live and the water or wastewater system needs of your community. Residents can visit the County’s website to learn more about their specific water and wastewater rates.

The biggest change to take effect on April 1 will be for the Township water and wastewater system users, who are moving to a metered system, and away from a flat fee. The new metered system will allow residents and businesses to manage their water use, and see a reduction in their water/wastewater bill for conserving water.

Work on installing new water meters and reading equipment has been ongoing across the County over the past year. Oxford County and installation contractor Corix are finishing the installations this spring. Residents who have been unable to have a meter installed to date should contact Customer Service as soon as possible to avoid increased charges when the metered rates take effect.

Public consultation on the water and wastewater rates took place in the fall of 2016 through public meetings and the Speak Up, Oxford! online portal. Staff also reached out to stakeholder groups including the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors and local Chambers of Commerce.

The water and wastewater rates vary by community. Oxford County provides municipal water services to 21 communities, 11 of those also have municipal wastewater services. All of the wastewater systems and three urban water systems are maintained as independent financial systems, while the township water systems are grouped into one financial system to achieve economy of scale.

For the full breakdown of proposed water and wastewater rates by system, visit the Rates & By-laws page on the County’s website.

Community Servicing Assistance Program (CSAP) collection suspended

Another change you will notice on your water/wastewater bills, starting April 1, the monthly Community Servicing Assistance Program (CSAP) fee has been suspended. The CSAP fee was developed to provide financial assistance to existing landowners where municipal water and sewers have been extended to replace private water and wastewater systems.

Existing customers were charged $10.00 per-water service and $10.00 per wastewater service per year.

While CSAP assistance funding remains available on approved projects, until the reserve balance is fully depleted, the charge has been suspended from water and wastewater bills.

Source Water Protection Program funding

There are four Source Protection Plans (SPPs) applicable to Oxford County that have been under development by local Conservation Authorities and County staff since 2006. In order to support the program activities within these plans, incentives for implementing best management practices; retention of experts to assist with risk management plans; administration; and, where necessary, purchase of highly vulnerable lands, requires funding.

To fund this program, a Source Water Protection monthly charge will be billed to every water customer at a rate of $0.03/m3, with a minimum charge of $1.20 per month.

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