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March 08, 2017
Council this week - Highlights from March 8 County Council agenda

An update on the County's Green Fleet Plan and options for choosing a Warden are on Council's agenda

Update on Green Fleet Plan

Council will receive an update next Council meeting on the County’s Green Fleet Plan, including work underway to integrate Public Works and Paramedic Services vehicle fleets. The report to Council shows there has been progress in reducing carbon emissions since electric cars were introduced into the County fleet, and notes that Oxford County will be the first municipality in Ontario to introduce CNG (compressed natural gas) snow plows when they are delivered later this year. The Green Fleet Plan, approved by Council in March 2016, aims to completely eliminate the County’s use of fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Read Council report PW 2017-11

Options for Warden Selection and term

An option to publicly elect a County Warden,or change the term of the Warden, will be considered by Council on March 8.

Under new provincial regulatory changes that came into effect December 2016‎, beginning in 2018, all regional government chairs must be elected at-large by the public. Oxford County’s unique standing as a Region under the Municipal Act makes it the sole exception to this requirement. As a result, the option to start the process for regulatory change to directly elect a Warden is an option for Oxford, not a requirement as it is elsewhere in the province.

If Council chooses to keep the status quo of electing a Warden from within Council members, Council has the option of continuing with a four-year term for Warden or moving to a one or two-year term.

County staff was asked to prepare options for Warden selection and term at the December 14 Council meeting.

Read Council report CAO 2017-04

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting - SB 16-03-3 Norjunction Estates - Norwich
  • CASPO 2017-49 – Application for Redline Changes to Draft Approved Plan of Subdivision 32T-06005 (Performance Communities, Tillsonburg)
  • PW 2017-13 – Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program Contribution Agreement
  • CS 2017-06 – OILC Debenture - Woodstock
  • CS 2017-07 – 2017 Tax Policy

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